BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Preview: Wendell Potter pt 2 | PBS

Pin It insurance companies vs. Michael Moore. Bill Moyers interviews former health insurance industry executive Wendell Potter, who left the field after almost 20 years to become a health reform advocate. Check out Potters take on the campaign against Michael Moores film Sicko and tune in to Bill Moyers Journal, Friday, July 10, 2009 at 9PM on PBS (check local listings for his experiences inside the health insurance industry, their work fighting a public option, and …

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  1. westwindmilagro Says:

    Regime change Lieberman, his GOP Obama Pet Goat and all GOP-Dem-Likud Crime Family owned by insurance terrorists using our taxes to bomb Exxon, BP and ARCO’s taxpaid oil targets in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. Let Hebrew Princess Lieberman go quickly back to Tel Aviv. Are those billionaire CEO’s tall insurance office-buildings in Hartford, safe from a solid airline attack?

  2. Jrkdyw Says:

    Hey! I am a self -employed 29 year old female, we need reform, I work hard! I’m not asking for a fing hand out but I would like to get covered, at an affordable cost, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT!

  3. ConservativeHealth Says:

    We as conservatives stand against the socialized government controlled vaccine program that currently exists in the United States.

    We want to privatize this institution. Americans should have the freedom to take responsibility for themselves, stop looking for hand outs, and shop the free market for a best H1N1 vaccine.

    NO to publicly funded vaccines.

  4. Overcast182 Says:

    WHAMMI!! good job MM

  5. Momsincharge Says:

    NICE !

  6. Momsincharge Says:

    Wait another month and see what you health care package from work looks like. You ‘re going to want something to change in your favor.

  7. gkgreger Says:

    wendell potter; You want the Obama public health care program because it will force people to buy health insurance. This will save the bankrupt privet insurance industry. You are a liar & prostitute and still work for Wall Street financial interests & the privet insurance industry. What a immoral piece of crap you are. How can you live with you continues crimes against people? Google: OTC Interview with Anton Chaitkin the British Monarchy & Euthanasia

  8. KhyronDesintegrado Says:

    I going to Canada ASAP

  9. brunodemoura Says:

    It’s amazing how these companies schemes against the truth. Americans are so misinformed by the media.
    It is so absurd that sounds like a conspiracy theory. But, unfortunately it is the truth.

  10. DDBOOGER Says:

    looks like that propaganda worked on you! 🙂 and it is only corrupt because it allows the industry to dictate it’s prices to them w/o checks and balances on them.

  11. redbonegal Says:

    There is a special place in HELL for insurance company execs and members of congress on their payrolls. Joining them will be the citizens that have good healthcare that don’t give a damn about their fellow citizens who don’t.

  12. harmlesstree Says:

    If a private for profit system were set up to cover those who are currently enrolled in Medicare, and this would make no sense – unless the company could cherry pick the healthiest seniors, they would almost immediately go out of business. You do not make money by paying for individuals medical bills, you make money by not paying for them The answer to solving medicare’s fiscal problem is simply: bring everyone into medicare. Thus its costs would be distributed among the healthy. Failure Please!

  13. harmlesstree Says:

    Medicare Failed? Medicare was established 44 years ago. Medicare has provided medical coverage to millions upon millions of people who otherwise could not have gotten it. For they are old and sick, and thus there is no profit to be made from them. The US has among the lowest average life span among developed nations. Without Medicare, it would be lower. Medicare’s fiscal problems are not due to its structure, but are rather do to who it insures, old/sick people, who have numerous medical bills

  14. Cohort227 Says:

    Is that the same medicare that is going bankrupt? Is that the same medicare that loses millions each year to fraud and waste? Is that the same medicare that has an I.O.U.(does exist) trust fund backing it?

    Obama’s healthcare bill will be another failed government experiment just like that medicare you are talking about.

  15. suicideking344 Says:

    I feel sick…crap.

  16. rwcbanzai Says:

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for ONE people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and EQUAL station to which the Laws of Nature and of Natures God ENTITLE them, a Decent Respect to the opinions of HUMANKIND requires that they should declare the CAUSES which impel them to the separation.- from FOR PROFIT DENIALCARE BARONS~

    research HR 676

  17. schifferbrainz Says:

    Sorry. Meant to thumbs up.

    This is why the dereliction of duty of the fourth estate is so egregious.

    Remember that these town hallers are a very small minority. We outnumber them by millions.

  18. TIXGUY2010 Says:

    More people need to watch Wendell potter videos no Harry potter videos!

  19. mss627 Says:

    It’s amazing isn’t it? People fighting for the rights of large corporations over their fellow citizens. As if basic health care is somehow a priviledge. Talk about drinking the Kool Aid.

  20. lucinda2005 Says:

    Pull all for profit insurance companies’ business licenses. Revoke their state charters! Health insurance companies are making trillion of dollars off “trusting” & brainwashed people that think that if they send 1000 bucks/mo to some big important company that they will be”protected” Insur. companies are thugs ,murderers and criminals at best. I hope “they” enjoy an eternity in hell.

  21. nguncikti Says:

    I am 37 years old and i have never purchased insurance all my life and i will never buy until government take over this industry

  22. MrKeyes2012 Says:

    Alan Keyes would do the right thing and only let those who deserve health care, or those who can afford it, have it. We have coddled the lazy poor population long enough, and that is why they live better lives than most millionaires now. We should all bitch, scream, and moan, and blow off air horns at these town hall meetings, because that is the only way to get things done – The Alan Keys way!

  23. kipptumor Says:

    This is quite refreshing to visit a page void of paranoid cavemen swinging the words “liberal” and “socialism” around like clubs. I suppose the fact that you can’t shout down Bill Moyers when he appears in the form of a recorded video on Youtube has a lot to do with it. If only these “protesters” knew that they are rallying to support the very people that will be screwing them in the near future, they would see what dolts they are.

  24. ricksands52 Says:

    I am an accomplished trial attorney. I AM UNABLE TO GET MY OWN HEALTH INSURANCE. Period. End of Story. I am not disabled. I had to spend a fortune on medical bills. I had to close my lucrative law practice. I want to reopen my practice in Coeur d Alene, Idaho or Spokane, Washington. I AM WILLING TO MARRY A GREAT LADY IN ORDER TO GET HEALTH INSURANCE. Richard

  25. MeandProgressive Says:

    Its situational application of the law, we pay for bogus insurance – Corporate crooks get rich, Progressive utilizes dumb caricature to sell worthless insurance policies. There is nothing funny about death and mangled bodies. Progressive is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme in which the Corporate Executives get rich and leave injured policy holders bogus insurance policies which are not worth the paper they are written on. See Progressive Insurance Has Treated Me as Roadkill

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