Big Lies Of Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs Experts

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Hopefully I got your attention by the headline, because what you are about to read is so important. In fact, this article can save you hundreds if not thousands of money when promoting other’s people products as an affiliate
online marketer.

You are going to discover why well-known Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs Gurus are lying to you. Get ready:

  1. They show bogus proof of income
  2. They are playing on your emotion with great selling skills
  3. They hide some knowledge in order to sell you more products

Just in case it does not make sense to you, I will explain one by one here, so stay with me.

Made Up Income Proof

This one thing is only the iceberg and many Internet Marketing Experts know how to play it so that you put the credit card number on their online shopping cars. Many Internet Marketing Gurus will convince you easily simply by putting a picture of check that shows they are making millions per year.

Even if they are trully making this kind of money, they won’t reveal how long it took them to get it. They even forget to mention how much money they spend in advertising before they cash out that money.

So if you see that someone is showing you online that they are making $346,789 a month, but spending over $153,765 on advertisement, they are making only over $200K. So if you knew this, you would probably opt-out of buying their Internet Marketing Affiliate Blueprints, because you simply do not have that one hundred thousand to buy ads.

Often times you see the amount of money they are making it is just how much they made in couple years, not weeks or days like they like to present.

On the better side of note, there are some honest Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs that will teach you everything you need to know about making money with your internet marketing business. So be careful. Do your research, check the dates and daily income statements.

The best Internet Marketing Affiliate Gurus will show you their daily income stats as this will really be a proof of how much they are making every single day. So make sure you see that before you buy their products.

Playing Tricks On Your Mind

Good Internet Marketing Affiliate Gurus know how to make you think and feel that you really need to get this product. They have spend hundreds of thousands to either hire some top copywriters or learned how to write these sales pages themselves.

So if you buy a product for $197 that claims you will be making hundreds of thousands of dollars every month run, because it won’t make you this kind of money. Unless you spend tens of thousands on  market research, product development, marketing, website design, etc…

If you are one of the people who think that after you shell out $197 bucks, you will start pulling thousands of dollars freom your online business, wake up and smell the coffee. It takes whole a lot more to succeed then just $197 bucks. The product could of course show you how business online is build.

You might learn some tips, but you need to take action and work on it. What that means is tha you should be taking more action then reading. Do not do the mistake of buying more and more “how to’s” products in order to find some secrets or shortcuts. There are none.

And You will save couple hundreds dollars and a lot of time you would spend reading it. That would only confuse you and you will not start building your Internet Marketing Affiliate Empire.

Burrying The Knowledge In Nonsense And Fluff

I know more than enough Internet Marketing Gurus who do this. The goal is to sell you on one product, but inside the product you will have to purchase their other products in order to follow their advice. That is the guru’s clever work.

That is why they can afford to spend thousands on advertisement and know that they will make the money back very fast…all you need to do is to buy their next and next and maybe next product.

These were the big three truths on Why Are Internet Marketing Affiliate Lying To You.

What I find surpricing is they do not tell you about this. If they show you everything, you will not need to buy any of their other product and maybe even become their competitor. Do you get it?

Read that again and again. Because you will not do the mistake of buying and buying without actually doing the work you need to do in order to make money.

So how do you find Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs that are worth buying?

See how many followers they have. And great personal support is more then a plus. They say thay do have great customer support, but few answers any questions you have.

The best Internet Marketing Programs are these that show step-by-step videos of how things online are done. I do not recommend ebooks, because it is always hard to follow the instruction inside.

With videos, you can just follow click-by-click and you know that you will do it right for the first time. So you will work less and also save a lot of time wasting on trying to figure out what the author or Internet Marketing Guru wanted you to do!

All you need to find is step-by-step quality video instruction where the mentor guide you step by step towards your success. So the goal for you is to find a Internet Marketing program that will teach you everything. And by everything I mean that you will not need to buy hundreds of other products on How To Become Internet Marketing Affiliate Superstar.

If you want to see how good quality the step-by-step instructional videos should be, go to:

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