Best of Streetfire-Week of Oct 6, 2008

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Six minutes of the hottest auto footage on the internet- we count down the top 7 videos of the week from the web’s largest automotive enthusiast community-

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  1. VirginiasLoudest Says:

    @epl0si0n all hondas fail

  2. RoaringMuffin Says:

    @500hpb20 U idiot a ricer is not a redneck? (i hate rednecks though..)

  3. dzuy12 Says:

    some people have no idea what a ricer is…

  4. 500hpb20 Says:

    Rednecks = rice

  5. fleiva30 Says:

    damm rednecks

  6. rootment Says:

    im not a huge fan of ricers but i felt your pain when the evo died brother 🙁

  7. MrCregger Says:

    i cried when the evo died ='(

  8. 71DatsunZ Says:

    That EVO had a cooling problem – when the connecting rod went through the radiator 🙂

  9. Crazybenjiwoo Says:

    americans cant tune shit, some fuckin critics that dont understand irony.

  10. sof1map Says:

    hahahah sounds like the cars running through a tube

  11. etmooneyha21 Says:

    1:24 – This is from my hometown. No joke. That’s pretty embarrassing but at the same time pretty crazy to see it on YouTube.

  12. whoabob Says:

    2 58 is awesome and 2 58 nice video man.

  13. lilbro209 Says:

    @ 3:17 you can hear VTEC kick in on that B16.. I used to have a 2000 civic si. I miss that sound! Best vtec sound in the world came from the 2000 civic si

  14. lilbro209 Says:

    ahahahahahahah the dogs!!!!!!!!

  15. lilbro209 Says:


  16. wickedclownz123 Says:

    omg i seen it all. jacked up NEON and a mercedes, AND A FUCKING SMART CAR I SEEN IT ALLLLLLL

  17. randombk82894 Says:

    evos are not rice….

  18. redneckmtbr Says:


  19. Rewster86 Says:

    Air intake in the window is an excellent way to keep the smell of cigarettes out of the upholstery! =)

  20. b4byk1lla Says:

    2:30 wheelie bars does not work on a over powered muscle.

  21. pickalock865 Says:

    we have lift of.2:32

  22. Furnarino Says:

    271km/h in 8,4 secondi…….. cazzo..!!

  23. BlackLabel7345 Says:

    the guy in the honda suck @ shifting

  24. koopooda Says:

    I wonder if the honda in the end was running off monster energy drink’s

  25. 19mg94 Says:

    1:28 thats the biggest piece of shit. its sitn on top of a blazer frame been sittn in that same place for years its in tennessee normaly has about 2 flat tire lol

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