Best Marketing Strategies used by Apple, Microsoft, Google & Walmart

Pin It Aziz Ali Hacks Apple’s marketing strategy and Gmail’s marketing ideas. How to win customers, loyalty and Influence the world 4 Principals used by Billion Dollar companies, which are easily adaptable by any start-up, mom-n-pop shops, mid size to large organization. Aziz has founded a closed tribe of entrepreneurs and shares some great free tools and copy-paste marketing strategies any business can use here: Marketing Techniques and Business Strategy are a few powerful leverages any business can use to achieve exponential growth and profits. So called Internet Marketing Consultants and Social Media Marketers are following the crowd and doing nothing productive, hence loosing 100 hours/month on average.

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  1. JancitosInterests Says:

    Great and inspiring video, Aziz. I am off to your website to check it out.

  2. jacobsmith1987 Says:

    Good job, I liked it

  3. nblfck Says:

    In 2008, Steve Jobs netted $646 million. That boggles my mind.

  4. RMI617 Says:

    Aziz Ali: great video, concise and helpful! One suggestion, breathe 😉 LOVE IT! Keep it up. Best Regards.

  5. LaurenceDonnaSwann Says:

    Great video, very knowledgeable guy. The power of less is such powerful leveraging tool along with using the zero risk, free entry.

  6. mutumbakenya Says:

    dude apple made alot from you know how many they were selling on daily basis?

  7. Purnayogi83 Says:

    great stuff keep it up thank you

  8. TuffTLC Says:

    Very Smart guy. Thanks!

  9. Dmitrybiz Says:

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  10. shazrat2 Says:

    Great video Aziz! Keep up the good work!

  11. YTMrVulcan Says:

    In the words that have more syllables, could you please find out where the emphasis needs to go? I’ve heard you put the emphasis on the wrong syllable several times over.

    For example, in the word “eliminated”, where the emphasis is supposed to be on the second syllable from the *front*.

  12. NaifAlwably Says:

    i got your point about zero risk free entry, but i don’t think think that Apple is not making profit out of iTunes or they are losing money as you suggest! they are selling hundred of million of songs and and taking 30% of the revenue, so how they are losing? you can’t compare iTunes with gmail in this example.

  13. mclarsen61 Says:

    thanks you for telling how big companies manipulate and thus control you, me and the rest of the world…really informative:)

  14. bryher2 Says:

    Strange that the day I find your talk about “the power of less” is the day Google eliminates Classic Google and forced me over to iGoogle. Google management should watch your talk!

  15. 1chloepatterson Says:

    Just started studying marketing at uni..Needed some answers for ‘best marketing strategies’. Thanks for the help 🙂

  16. ytgetter8758 Says:

    Google became the market leader because they bought up Deja Vu while you were still fighting in the school playground. Deja Vu had the largest site database of all the search engines and was the most popular search engine at the time because of this.

  17. unsinkablembrown Says:

    Great food for thought, Aziz. Thank you!!

  18. hopeforamerika Says:

    They used to call that the sixty four thousand dollar question. Great topic!

  19. Revolution100X Says:

    Great video!!

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    Make up to 6 figures a month or more!! So easy!! If I did it, so can you!

  20. finnenvenn Says:

    thank you

  21. deepbluemarket Says:

    I like the thinking and analysis. Check out scenebitestopwatch org

    Great analysis of big marketers commercials and videos

  22. cutienice24f Says:


  23. ishahryar Says:

    sweet, simple but very informative…

  24. TobiasTheArtist Says:

    ok thank you

  25. eseoraka Says:

    Great Job! well done!

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