Best College Vlog Ever Made.

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I go to school. I also unleash new HV-20 on schoolgrounds. I went to the University of Florida and got a degree in Telecommunications Production, which I have yet to open. I’ve since moved outta Florida and to Los Angeles. Just in time for the oil spill! Woo! The end got pretty ridiculous, and I was reaching… so love it for its flaws. Video blogging, sometimes shortened to vlogging[1][2][3] (pronounced v’LOG-ing or VEE-log-ing) or vidblogging[4][5] is a form of blogging for which the medium is video,[6] and is a form of Internet television. Entries often combine embedded video or a video link with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts. It is also a very popular category on YouTube. Video logs (vlogs) also often take advantage of web syndication to allow for the distribution of video over the Internet using either the RSS or Atom syndication formats, for automatic aggregation and playback on mobile devices and personal computers (See video podcast).

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  1. Rudahn Says:

    haha your ‘Cleaning Service’ thing was awesome. XD

    If I ever said something like that at school, I’d either get a detention for being disruptive/sarcastic, or the teacher would just be like ‘Riiiight…’

  2. NarutoQM Says:

    In five years huh? >D

  3. s71elite Says:

    I saw someone not pay for coffee once-
    he was quickly tazed *

  4. CamKORNHD Says:

    You are awesome in school way cooler than the guys at mine. Such a good answer!

  5. bleujae1 Says:

    @TheLastDman when he met iJustine

  6. coolferretluver Says:

    i swear to god that was not special effects

  7. jrod1195 Says:

    xD I wish I went to school with you.

  8. ShaNeiscool991 Says:

    you are a coffee addict

  9. mmp2011 Says:

    @JigglyPuff569 he moved…he used to live in florida

  10. TheRydog100 Says:

    4:37 His teacher knew his potential. Awesome.

  11. TheRydog100 Says:


  12. JigglyPuff569 Says:

    never mind

  13. JigglyPuff569 Says:

    wait, so do you live in los angeles or florida? i’m confused.

  14. windchill1belle Says:

    FREE STRIDE?! you…lucky…devil 😐

  15. TheCrimsonRanger Says:

    Go FSU and FIU

  16. TheRyanHage Says:

    toby kinda looks like shia lebouf

  17. GabbeSWE0 Says:

    Wow, this must been some time ago! When was it?

  18. jessiefails Says:

    TOBY! I cannot watch this video at midnight while eating a biscuit! Too. Much. Laughter. D: *chokes on biscuit and wakes family up laughing*

  19. TheLastDman Says:

    toby when did u stop swearing?

  20. geauxlegendofzelda Says:

    my sister goes there… and i probably will too

  21. lankanboy202 Says:

    In 5 years from this video, you are going to be living with your ho’s and ba balling with your youtube moneys

  22. lankanboy202 Says:

    Mothafucker? So thats what Toby said before Mo Suckra

  23. twoinone21 Says:

    @unfinished8kt Vote up X infinity lol

  24. TJT360 Says:

    this truly is the best college vlog ever made =]

  25. CharamelLulu Says:

    He looks chubbier here than his latest vlogs

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