Benjamin Wey The Man With a Vision

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Benjamin Wey, the bilingual Chinese American and President of New York Global Group is a man with a vision. The well known China expert and the leading name behind the success of his firm NYGG, with headquarters in both Beijing and New York City, has led his firm to become the largest Wall Street middle market advisory firm specialized in executing China related transactions. And his name, Benjamin Wey, undoubtedly exemplifies the company’s success as the “Best Foreign Investment Banking Firm Serving China’s Middle Markets.”

A China expert, Benjamin Wey , has worked around the globe advising many public and private institutions worldwide about China related trade and corporate finance issues. His company mainly focuses on corporate finance and private equity investments. From China due diligence to strategic consulting, he is the man that leads everything. With his broad knowledge on international business, trade relationship, global network and in-depth cultural familiarity with china, he acts as a leading advisor for U.S. based companies that are interested in starting their business ventures in China. He advises Chinese companies that are seeking to expand their businesses in the global markets.

Benjamin Wey and his company, NYGG, have helped China based growth oriented mid- and small-sized companies raise approximately $2 billion through global capital markets. The company has successfully advised more than 200 projects in the areas of research, due diligence, strategic plans, management issues, investment banking and more. All such successes have made Benjamin Wey the most sought after professional in the arena of U.S.-China trade relations. He is the precursor to modern day trade relations between the two economic giants – U.S. and China – and he is man who has successfully bridged these two countries.

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When it comes to U.S.-China trade relations, Benjamin Wey is the most successful and sought after name. He is the man with the vision that is now a reality. He has created a successful bridge between global investors and highly growth companies based in China.    

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