Benjamin Wey The Man at The Forefront of New York Global Group

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Benjamin Wey is president and co-founder of the venture investment and international banking firm, New York Global Group. This premiere company is a strategic consulting firm which headquartered in Beijing and New York City. Benjamin Wey took the firm to an international level, where it has achieved the award for the “Best Foreign Investment Banking Firm Serving China’s Middle Markets” by China Securities Daily.

An expert in US-China trade relationships, Benjamin Wey has decades of experience in advising public and private institutions worldwide. Whether it’s Chinese financial institutions or European firms, his advice is respected on deals and projects related to global capital markets and strategic development issues. Educated in the highest rated universities in the United States, he was also as a visiting professor of finance for lectures and seminars in prestigious universities around the globe. His in-depth knowledge and experience concerning the global financial market have made him a foremost authority in this arena.

Benjamin Wey is a bilingual Chinese-American who has decade long in-depth experience with China. He acts as a chief advisor to US companies interested in working with Chinese business development companies. In addition, he administers to Chinese companies seeking successful business ventures in US markets.

NYGG has assisted many Chinese mid-sized and small companies to raise approximately US$2 billion through the global capital markets. The company has an impressive success rate in handling of over 200 China related transaction projects in areas like research, project due diligence, investment banking, strategic plans etc. These incomparable success stories make Benjamin Wey the most sought after expert on US-China business issues and financial relationships. His expertise is often quoted in the uppermost tier of financial media.

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Benjamin Wey is the winning name when it comes to US-China trade relationships. President of a hugely successful firm that works as a liaison between global investors based in China and USA, his expertise is in high demand.    

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