Beginner WordPress Tutorial Video

Pin It WP Dashboard Overview Tutorial. This video will give a basic overview of the WordPress dashboard including how to do a post and a page as well as plugins.

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  1. euneace2001 Says:

    nice presentation try this also for quick blogging

  2. suspendedsound Says:

    Good landing video that directs to a MUCH bigger data base of content, much appreciated!


  3. LearnToBlog Says:

    Great little intro video! In regards to the earlier question… Widgets are the elements that you can add to your sidebar. Things like a list of categories, a calendar, and various other elements. Plugins are just addons to your blog that add additional functionality to your blog. Plugins range from things like speeding up your blog, adding opt-ins, to running membership sites or developing squeeze pages and sales pages.

  4. wallstreet89 Says:

    Hi, you do not have the Site Admin functionality under the dashboard tab on the left. I do not have this tab either. What are we doing wrong? I have the newest version of WordPress. Please help!

  5. MLR223 Says:

    Thank you. Even though you only mentioned it briefly, I really didn’t understand ‘widgets” and ‘plugins’.

  6. mmmdonutsyay Says:

    Wow, I wonder why this only had 304 views! Thanks for the help. I’m thinking about starting a new website with challenges that help the environment and stop animal cruelty. I’m hoping it will change the way most people act. Did you know Yahoo! was made with WordPress? Yeah, that’s right, look it up.

  7. musica26 Says:

    Thanks! This really helped!

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