Begging for a fresh Mentha Sativa

Pin It to request words. The origin of the term mint.. why it has so many meanings. Hello my dear students, Fictioninfusion, from my website, wanted to know why the word mint has 5 different meanings…. A plant, a breath mint, a place where money is made, the condition of an item and wealth? Interesting question Fictioninfusion, HotForWords mint to investigate it! Mint has two very distinct origins, which is why it essentially has two very separate meanings. The first origin is from the name of the Greek nymph Minthe, who was transformed into the herb by Proserpine, the jealous wife of Pluto, god of the underworld. The plant Mentha Sativa has been chewed for thousands of years and was thought to be an aphrodisiac. Some say that Aristotle forbade the chewing of mint by Alexander the Great’s soldiers because he thought that it aroused the men sexually and drained them of their energy to fight. So the first two meanings that Fictioninfusion asked about, the plant and the breath mint, made form the plant come to us from the Greeks. The other meanings come to us from Roman mythology. Juno was the wife of Jupitor and the queen of the heavens and her primary responsibility, among others, was to warn people of dangers. The Romans were so thankful that she warned them of the Gallic invasion in 344 bc that they built a temple to Juno Moneta, her last name meaning “to warn”, because she had warned them. Later on, the Romans attached a building to her temple, where

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  1. HunterKiss Says:


  2. mrKANYEwes Says:

    theres a subliminal message in this vid guys
    if stare at this for a long time u would soon see a building behind her

  3. technikfreak2009 Says:

    look im a coin * blowjob sounds *

  4. Champion0306 Says:

    i like her new mature look shes looks so much sexier than her old slutty one, if she was my teacher i wouldnt wanna miss a class even when im seriously ill!

  5. KingNikta Says:

    @aditiiforyou do ya just like big booty bitches? x’D

  6. no060787 Says:

    hello my dear titties !!!

  7. TheOnlyLuca Says:

    @mathman54 me too!

  8. mathman54 Says:

    I don’t care for mint. The only thing I like mint flavored is my toothpaste.

  9. 2MixChannel2 Says:

    @aditiiforyou stupid racist

  10. aditiiforyou Says:

    ugly white trash

  11. trunk516 Says:

    I only watch this for the shot of Marina at :29-:30…..siighhhhhhhhhh

  12. MrGeomusic Says:

    I want a teacher like you =D

  13. MaTToSauruSS Says:

    look im a coin

  14. MegaHazzer123 Says:

    im hungry

  15. MrGeomusic Says:

    Pretty and smart!

  16. mawaa95 Says:

    What does deicide? have been reading bleach and don’t know what it means

  17. vickyboy96 Says:

    i like the mint breath sweet…

  18. laith1195 Says:

    Make a porno already

  19. TheOnlyLuca Says:

    @BlockisticStudios i liked her better as blondie

  20. rother011 Says:

    keep mint outta my chacolate and other deserts, and it’s all good

  21. BlockisticStudios Says:

    I like her hair better this way.

  22. KittenCollision Says:

    I hate mint…except thinmint cookies from the girlscouts 😀

  23. MrtitiFR007 Says:

    Videos very sober??!!

    Who spends it??

    Where is Gorby???

    Marina, I amerai to know what difference there is between fiction and science fiction.

    Nevertheless 2 have the same base??!! No??!!

    For my part I thought that it was the fiction.

    Am I right???

    Can you look for Marina??

    Bye nice Teacher !!!

  24. Vagabondvoyage Says:

    Straight mint I’m not a fan of but mixed with other flavors mint is quite good.

  25. flamingarmada Says:

    Look no one’s taking you seriously 😡 just take off your clothes……..

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