Beatbox Scratch 1

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Beatbox by Scratch (the roots) visit him at

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  1. xeltran26 Says:

    @matthew323619 you idiot..! thats why it is called “showcase” moron… he records the beat his playing and transfer to another beat while playing his previous beat by his device… you moron…you dont know anything about beatboxing..

  2. hosakimenma Says:

    His scratch is perfect !!!!!!!

  3. DjVildana Says:

    its ice cube holla at your boyzz dawg

  4. 05Douse Says:


  5. cowzilla8 Says:

    This guy’s a genius.

  6. ChromatiCHD Says:


  7. bestbboymusicchannel Says:

    Ice Cube?

  8. matthew323619 Says:

    ummmmm…… am i the only one that noticed a point in the video where i heard music but his face was away from the mic….. fake???

  9. patrickryan814 Says:

    If he didn’t use that looping station I’d give thumbs up but he is so I’m not :p

  10. 602leonardo Says:

    this is fucking amazing thumps up!!!

  11. MrHaShBeRRy Says:

    2:50 is der geilste beat finde ich 😀

  12. ashhanderson Says:

    OH MY GOD IS THIS AMAZING! Gave me goosebumps it’s so good!

  13. SpyrosFgs Says:

    How the f@ck did he get it in a so high level? WOW!!!!!

  14. ForCeGR Says:

    2:50 ! A-W-E-S-O-M-E !

  15. ward7921 Says:

    @gtipton55 thats not rahzel, ive seen both. two completely different people dude.

  16. ForCeGR Says:

    He pwnes REALLY HARD MAN ! :O

  17. gtipton55 Says:

    I laugh at the people saying that Rahzel AKA Scratch is a fake. The dude can vocally sing and beat box at the same time you can see it in many of his other videos and it’s funny to think some of yall think that it’s impossible. The dudes a genius of the Beatbox world.

  18. chowchow4martin Says:


  19. uhubumser Says:

    WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want more XD

  20. qckFTW Says:

    his not doing all this sound by him self he is saveing them on the that computer check at him his do a beat and click somthing on it saving the beat to do other beat and so on and when he want to stop it he click again !!

  21. ElRusoDeQuilmes Says:


  22. gangtwoglock90 Says:


  23. cfjbro Says:

    he use a looping station lame

  24. meler28zbw Says:

    adrian dziadek to huj

  25. PoloLastiko Says:

    “This guy” is Mr Scratch from THE ROOTS…
    He’s been into Hip Hop when Beardyman was still playing with his pooh 🙂

    I agree, tho, that Beardyman is really impressive on KaosPads, but that’s because he’s into electro music (UK culture).

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