Basu Paribar

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Basu Paribar was released on 1952 Bengali film starring Raisul Uttam kumar, Sabitri Chatterjee, Pahari Sanyal, Bhanu Banerjee, Jahar Roy ,Supriya debi, Manjula Banerjee, The Bengali film is directed by Nirmal Dey, Umapati Seal scored the music in the film. The story is as Satyen is very sincere, energetic, honest, hardworking executive in a private law firm. A cloud of anxiety has covered their family. Only court order can rescue them from the trouble. But, eventually they lost the case. It is a great blow for whole Basu family. Subhen is the elder brother of Satyen who tries to provide some support to his family. But the entire financial condition of the Basu family is actually getting poorer day by day. In the meantime Achala a modern young lady and the lover of Satyen wants to marry him. Unfortunately Satyen is trapped and convicted for a charge. He does not want to share it with his other family members. He thought that Subhen was the culprit, but Subhen had earned money by legal way. Achintya a relative of that law firm owner is the main villain. At last the Basu family stands united with their reputation. Visit us at

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