Banking with hitler

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  1. amanonthemarsz Says:


  2. HaroldHHard Says:

    yeah the roths are def ju. Rockefellers were (are?) baptist. I think they are not jus because if jus who convert to christianity usually convert to episc or catholic or something.

  3. oabbasi Says:

    i beleive rockerfeller was christian! and the roths are definitely jews! but i i guess it doesnt matter! both are bloodsuckers!

  4. antik64M Says:

    is rockefeller a jew, r the rothchilds jews……

  5. RaisingKundalini Says:

    Well done, intelveritas! 🙂 You’re right of course, but these brainwashed neo-nazi’s will never admit it.

  6. Roadracer987654321 Says:

    I Read a book once called Trading with the Enemy by a Charles Higham.
    It was about all the American Corporations,including Commercial Banks that did business withe the Axis Countries all during World War 2.
    Chase Bank did business with th Reichs Bank on D DAY ! GAf wsas a sister company of IG Farben, which made the poison Gas Crystals.
    The Same ball Bearing Co. made the same diameter Ball bearings for th US planes as well as British and German Planes.
    Talk about High Treason !

  7. intelveritas Says:

    Spoken like a True NAZI.

  8. HaroldHHard Says:

    there is a lot of agreement. This is why people are always trying to kick you guys out of country. Spain. England. Germany. If only.

  9. HaroldHHard Says:

    jws kill people and destroy societies. why do you think policy makers thru the ages are always trying to kick them out of the country? They increase expenses to everyone, they increase crime. Where there are jews there is crime. porn. gambling. liquor. illegal drugs. con artists. etc.

  10. intelveritas Says:

    You will never admit this but you are consumed by the same Evil they are. Its the Luciferian mind set thats got you by the proverbial gonads, Pal.
    Wake Up!!! you wanna be Nazi.

  11. HaroldHHard Says:

    BTW, dont think the jws arent counting. They are. Imgine the outcry if none of these positions were held by jw. Yd hv the filty conmen running arround waving their black-haired hands in the air.

  12. HaroldHHard Says:

    Do u do probability theory?
    Oh, I forgot to add:
    R. Zoellick – hd of world bank
    D. Strauss-Kahn IMF Mng Dir
    B. Frank – chrmn of hs fin comm

  13. intelveritas Says:

    I’m just trying to get you off the Jew bashing trip your on, thats all. A Zionist is not a Jew, just as a Neo-Con is not an American but a Fascist bastard.
    I hope you got that.

  14. HaroldHHard Says:

    Not like me. They’re jus. conmen (and conwomen)

  15. intelveritas Says:

    Use your brain and stop being so lazy, all the people you’ve mentioned have nothing to do with Race, they are all Luciferian just like you.

  16. HaroldHHard Says:

    Hollow cause is a lie. How come Ann Frank died of Typhus and wasnt gassed?

  17. HaroldHHard Says:

    Shdnt our econ advisrs look like America?
    Hw come every one is jew?
    Sheila Colleen Bair (J) FDIC
    Neil Barofsky (J) TARP czar
    Ben Bernanke (J) Chrmn of Fed
    Kenneth Feinberg(J) pay czar
    Timothy Geithner (J) Treasury
    Gary Gensler (J) CFTC
    Alan Greenspan (J) frmr Fed chrmn
    Michael S Laskawy (J) – Jnt Comm
    Peter Orszag (J) OMB
    S Rattner (J) auto czar
    Christina Romer (J? husb is J) cea
    Mary Schapiro (J) SEC
    Larry Summers (J) NEC
    Paul Volcker (J) hd Econ Recvry Adv Brd

  18. Sun4Niebieskieoczy Says:

    Suggestions for you;
    1. Don’t accuse blindly and Relax before you enter the world stage
    2. Learn how to express yourself in English, for the sake of respect for us, your audience.
    3.Smell a rose
    4. Again, Don’t accuse blindly because it does not serve any good. If you really want to solve world’s problems, go within and think deeply for a long long time, before speaking.
    5. O co ci tak naprawdę chodzi? Jaki świat chcesz budować?

  19. k9thru12 Says:

    The British Empire Had Contact with almost every Known and Unknown Cult, Tribe, Group or Network and their Technology and Techniques That Ever Existed in History.

    Inventors of TV,Newspapers, Masters or Radio, Music, Literature, Theater and Movies.

    Some of the Largest Collections of Book, Data, Art, Culture, Medicine, Science and Tech.

    With the centers of Capital, Intelligence and Wealth.

    Ya, I think there might be Mind Control.

  20. barbarajakubowska Says:

    In the 1929 year Gemany was Ecconomical Bancrut ! But ten years efter in the 1939 year Adolf Hitler have good armerad army and 2.000.000 good armament sldats !


    Ansver is ! The USA and England Banks help him !
    Qestion is who is ansvering for the Holokaust

    Ansveris is simply ! USA and, Bank of England is ansvering for the Jews Holokaust .

    TERRIBLE ! but thgis i TRUTH !

  21. kissthecornhole Says:

    Bankers and economists have shown the world many times in our history that they would do business with the devil himself if it meant they would make a buck doing so. And although they understand very well
    the mental mechanics of Geo political manipulation,,,they fail horrible when it comes to understanding the heart of humanity and thus,,,condemning the masses for there short term gain. May our Creator have mercy on there soles.

  22. TradCath123 Says:

    ‘There is scarcely an event in modern Europe that cannot be traced back to the Jews.
    We Jews are today nothing else but the World’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners.’

    — Jewish scholar, Oscar Levy; in his preface to G. Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution.

  23. krist300 Says:

    Henry MOrthenthaeu was employed by goldman sachs / bankster swindlers and people who confiscate wealth and defraud nations. The man is criminal and part of the international conspiracy to destroy nations and create a one world order and currency, which is designed to destroy liberty and create concentrated power in the hands of the elite ie, banksters.

  24. judgeattorneydestroy Says:

    this film is a crock of shit. while it has a few facts,it is to deceive the masses with bullshit. This is another jew story by jew bullshit artist.

  25. abuahmed680 Says:

    hitler did not need banks ….. fool

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