“Banking Queen” by Congressman Barney Frank

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More idiotic things: PRANKPLACE.COM-for.info about pranks, jokes, and gag gifts almost as outrageous as those Jokes in Washington.

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  1. tallatron Says:

    @Vox91 They may catch Obama and his faggot preacher Wright soon!

  2. Vox91 Says:

    At least Barney Frank admits he’s gay. I can’t wait til they catch Rush red-handed with one of his boyfriends. Now that’s gonna be funny.

  3. twieneke76 Says:

    Checked a poll lately? Whoops.

  4. itsjimmy2009 Says:

    What kind of low esteemed gay guy would want this guy for a butt sex partner??? He is revolting in every way!!!

  5. beayv6 Says:

    He’s from New York actually, I’m pretty sure.

  6. zrzr4 Says:

    @phoenixtimes2 this isn’t a left right issue the dollar is collapsing.

  7. Blogengezer Says:

    Community Reinvestment act…1999. Barney quote in 2004.. “Everything is fine, the financial sector is fine, it does not need Change”…

  8. phoenixtimes2 Says:

    To all conservatives: Dems in-you’re out. Deal with it.

  9. kimbershot414 Says:

    Iam bwany’s fwank…wreally. When my hand’s not in your wallet….it’s in some wittle boys pants. wisten carefwally, here that sound? That;’s obama’s giant vaccume cweaner sucking all your hard earned money from your savings acwount….wreally!

  10. Independentthinker09 Says:

    In this particular case by dbag, im meaning douche bag but he applies for those ones as well. lol.

  11. imperial73 Says:

    Does he mean conservatives like Acorn?

  12. imperial73 Says:

    does d bag stand for dirt bag or democrat bag? are they the same?

  13. imperial73 Says:

    I spent 3 months in Massachusetts, and its a beautiful state, but you can’t live there because the state government doesnt do its job, taxes are out of control and there’s no jobs. If THIS…thing..that can’t even speak properly is what represents Massachusetts, then I understand why. He’s enough to make you miss the good ol’ days with Ted Kennedy. If you wanna see how scary this guy can be, find the youyube with Frank and O’Reilly.

  14. ceylous3121 Says:

    ahahhahah lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. bobby38002 Says:

    Fwiday nite when ya cash is wowe.. I know a pwace to go.. go out and have a fwing

  16. Independentthinker09 Says:

    The sad thing is this fat dbag has probably actually sung this before X D.

  17. Dannyboy8155 Says:

    fat idiot

  18. Clayton0001 Says:

    Hahahahahaha! This is a great video!

  19. usrevolution2 Says:

    IS IT TIME? Go to USRevolution2 (dot com) and get the flag of the Second American Revolution. It looks exactly like the Betsy Ross flag, but with a Roman numeral “II” in the center of the 13 stars. They are in all 50 states. Click the “Videos” tab on our website & see the flag spreading from Hawaii to North Carolina. When this flag goes viral 95% of profits will go to patriot candidates, and 5% will go to me so I can retire before I die. They are $19.95 + postage & handling.

  20. mustanggt12382 Says:

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAA I love Rush he is the man! Getting under the skin of libs each and every day. Awesome!!

  21. kyontz Says:

    Does he upper teeth? I have seen him on TV multiple times and never seen if he has upper teeth. Gotta love the gay lisp!!

  22. mjd001 Says:

    Fat ugly queer

  23. SuperThetruthhurts Says:

    What a total , sickening , FLAMING HOMO! The people of Mass. must be proud. Hell , they’ll probably re-elect this retard….and then complain about how screwed up the country is.

  24. lvrboy69701 Says:

    Yes I did hear that. At a hotsprings no less.

  25. SONSOFLIBERTY2009 Says:

    did you hear on leno he said him and his boyfriend went skinnydipping in florida? YUCK!!

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