Banking 10: Introduction to leverage (bad sound)

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What leverage is. Why it is is good or bad. Leverage and insolvency.

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  1. micpax1 Says:

    they should be teaching this in schools.

  2. GohanMH1 Says:

    I take it that when the checking accounts are issued, the amonunt of money they are issued for technically leaves the bank…?

  3. missmitalik Says:

    so does that mean that it is always better to have as less leverage as possible. Or else, what is the ‘percieved safe value of a leverage’?

  4. blahdelablah Says:

    So basically leverage is neither good nor bad because it is just a measure. It’s a measure of the risk/reward strategy being employed at a bank.

  5. Bellybusterr Says:

    Can you please tka e a loan and invest in a microphone? I would love to watch these videos vut i can’t take the crappy audio anymore, i hurts my ears.

  6. jackuy12345 Says:

    keep the vids up man they r great

  7. pjblabla Says:

    Very true!

    just to share with everyone – I saw a series of views on Youtube titled “Crash of 2008” back in March 2008 – where this former market maker made exactly the same point. Recommended

  8. nemnaisa Says:

    US banking system is not having a liquidity problem as the government suggested thru the media. It is having a solvency problem.

  9. JaiisGod Says:

    very good mate. Thanks for the video.

  10. lucicutzaa2 Says:


  11. Xs1t0ry Says:

    Audio is very harsh.

    Thanks for the video.

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