Background Checks - Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

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Free Criminal Background Checks – More important than ever.

The background check business is getting new customers like never before, not affected at all by the recession that everyone is so scared about. Doing paid or Free Criminal Background Checks have maybe come even more important now as you cannot afford to hire someone without the proper qualifications or hire a crook.

As a lot of people have been fired from their current jobs more and more people are also looking for a new job resulting in a lot more applications and a lot more screening. How can you make sure that the guys you wish to hire do not have a criminal record?

Do Free Criminal Background Checks to ensure that all new employees meed the qualifications needed.

There were recently an article in The New York Times about a Texas company that incidently forgot to do a criminal background check on a new IT- worker and they regret that now. Two and a half month after he got fired, he sold more than 7 million usd worth of business information to a competing company for 250 000 big ones in a suitecase. The whole incident was discovered when the competing company started to make similar products as the original company did except they should not know HOW to do it.

When the company that hired the guy did a Free Criminal Background Check on him later on they discovered that he had been convicted for fraud in the past.

Free Criminal Background Checks
– Know Who You Are Dealing with

Also in your personal life make sure that you always know who you are dealing with. If you let your youngsters drive with other the childrens parents off on a road trip or to soccar camp for the summer can you rest assure that this person is not the type of person that would drive under influence or drive like a maniac? You know; pill abuse is just as bad as any other addiction and there are a lot of "normal people" abusing sleeping pills and painkillers on a regular basis and these moms or dads abuse is just as terrible as any other abuse? Do you know that the kids are in good hands at the camp and that they are not being take care of by a pedophile who “accidently” happened to be working as a volunteer at the soccer camp for the summer? Have you made sure that your nanny is not convicted for violence or that you gartner is not a thief?

The list goes on and on and on… Material things can in most cases be replaced but no people. Do not go on a date with a stranger without doing Free Criminal Background Checks first. Do not let your kids be around people that you have not checked yet…

Just for your own Protection…and Your Company’s Security.

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