Article Submission Software Versus Manual Article Submission

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Why article writing and submission is required? Article Marketing that is Article writing and submission is one of the best internet marketing strategy to promote online business. It is more effective because when someone search something in the internet they prefer to search article on the subject. Article is the best source of information on any subject. An article is written to describe anything or any situation in details from ins to out ups to down. How to write article for submission? We can write article manually that is writing on paper or typing into computer by thinking. Again we can write article by many softwares like article rewriter and spinner. Article rewriter rewrites any article so that it seems a new article. Again article spinner make many article from one article as if they all are differents articles. How to submit article ino article directory? Similarly we can submit article manually like going to each article directory, sign up there by filling one after another fields and submitting the article there filling all fields of article content.

Article submission may also be done by using article submission software where we set the article and authors information and the software visits the article directory and submits article there automatically as command was given in the software. Why manual writing and submission is the best way? Although article may be written and submitted manually and automatically. still the best option is manual article submission. Using software can not do the things as like as manual work. Software can do only as per the command given during the software preparation. Many things are changing in article directories on a regular basis. The software can not follow the updated system if its script is not updated. Again good article directories take the measures so that software can not perform there. In that case software only handles some article directories those are not upto the mark. So there is no substitute of manual article writing and manual article submission, though we can try to learn how software handle things for our knowledge only.

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