Article Marketing Will Bring Quality Results For A Online Business

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Let’s assume you just started up your own online venture. You know the only way for the business to be a success rather than fail is for you to promote it. This can be achieved either by paying for advertising or get the same attention for free through article marketing.

The first thing you should do is research your article marketing subject. There are many excellent keyword tools on the market to help you decide which targeted phrases will bring you traffic but also you need to make sure there is minimum competition as well or you will not get very high in the search results. Your targeted phrases need to be relevant to your blog and be getting plenty of search queries but not too many results. Read a more detailed post about keyword tools for a better explanation.

When you have picked out your keyword phrases you will want to use it in your articles title, a couple of times in the first paragraph, once or twice in the body and once again at the end for best results.

Always write for the reader when article marketing. In other words write it for humans, not Google. We can help our articles climb the search engine rankings but they won’t do us any good if people read the first sentence, decide it’s rubbish and hit the back button. Keep it simple and to the point. Use numbers or bullets as they will get your major arguments over quicker.

Once completed, read it a few times and make sure it is written correctly and that you have your targeted phrases in the right places. Once you have done that, check it again, several times. If it doesn’t quite read correctly, rewrite the part and don’t forget, while you may be an expert on the topic, your reader is not.

Your final paragraph in your article is the most important {part-section} and many who do article marketing miss the point completely. Your article gives the reader information that they have searched for but now you want them to want yet more information by clicking thru your own site. Be loud and clear about the benefits of clicking your link and visiting your website. “Click here for more info” does not work any more. Explain to them exactly why they should and what they will find: a follow up article that goes into more detail, a discussion on the topic etc.

Finally be choosy where you offer the use of your articles and slightly rewrite it every time you submit it to a directory or blog feeder. Submit the first version to and wait for them to accept it before submitting it to similar article directories. This is because they are the busiest so get the most visitors but they accept articles that have already been submitted on other sites.

Article marketing is still the best means of promoting a site without spending fortunes on Pay Per Click. Just one article a day means around 100 articles on perhaps 1000’s of blogs in just 3 months from now all with links pointing to your blog.

For the ultimate bang in article marketing consider submitting your articles to Article Marketing Automation. This takes a little more work but the benefits last a lot longer.

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