Are You A High Risk Driver

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Most insurance companies offer discounts should you insure all of your policies with the exact same company. Homeowners, renters, car, life, health, motorcycle or marine insurance policies can warrant an attractive discount. Should you be receiving free car insurance quotes, ask what multi-policy discounts apply to the specific company and find out if transferring your policies will save you more money. Make sure to research your current policies beforehand to guarantee the policy transfer is worthwhile.

Increase your deductibles. If your auto insurance underwriter cannot lower the pace, you can make modifications to your policy to help fight reduced increase. Changes including increasing your physical damage coverage and dropping ancillary coverage including towing and labor will help fight premium increases.

Most insurance agencies that offer price quotes or estimates online require specific information to deliver an accurate quote. Sometimes information can be obtained from an existing vehicle insurance policy such as coverage amounts or limits. Insurers may also require specific specifics of the vehicle to be insured. This will include the make and model of the vehicle or the vehicle identification number. The VIN is available on the vehicle’s dashboard or on an existing policy.

Rating System for Insurance Companies:

  • R : Under Regulatory Supervision
  • CC : Extremely Weak
  • AA : Very Strong

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