Architects of the New World Order

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These are some of the main men and women who have played a really important role in building up the future of this world the coming world government, world currency and world religion, know your enemies. Other men that contributed to this ancient evil cause are: Arthur Edward Waite Dr. Wynn Westcott SL MacGregor Mathers Dr. Gérard Encausse Dr. Theodor Reuss George Pickingill Tho I can be days typing the names of all the men and woman that have and are working for this cause, in the end they are slaves not masters, their master is Satan and their cause is Evil video from:

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  1. dooko1 Says:

    You should check out “Albert Pike’s 3 world wars” video on youtube.

  2. WecanWinJesse Says:

    @alg5honor So basically he had a blue print of how he wanted it to play out.

  3. alg5honor Says:

    1st, 2nd, incoming 3rd World War existed only because of Albert Pike.
    He is the man behind the World Wars.
    It seems unreal, But Is True

  4. WecanWinJesse Says:

    How did ALbert Pike predict Zionism and Muslim Wars or did you add that?

  5. neurochris Says:

    is this a metallica song originally or someone else’s song?

  6. neurochris Says:

    GET A JOB SON! j/k

  7. strongerthanallgtr Says:


  8. AnonymousTruther Says:

    Tu comprends rien???? Tu comprend pas l’anglais?
    Ca c’est bad. Tu devrais lâcher la TV francaise et appprendre l’anglais.

  9. xanglat Says:

    J’aime beaucoup votre medley d’airs ou de musiques choisies !
    Par contre, je ne comprends RIEN à ce qui est dit !
    Juste _ Freedom = libertà
    MERCI pour votre bel apport musical

  10. Winter077 Says:

    @AnonymousTruther I’m from Canada too. How do you see all this playing out in Canada? A simple answer is cool if you don’t have the time, I haven’t been able to get opinions from Canadians, everything I’m watching has to do with the US.

  11. bluesalinas Says:

    @silent9173 Oh cool thanks ill look that up and dowload it illeagaly…thanks!

  12. 7Whitewolf3 Says:

    Peter Joseph Should be on this List,or G.W.Bush….anyway its awesome

  13. silent9173 Says:

    @bluesalinas – Hi, dont know whether you managed to find out the version to that unforgiven soundtrack in the video – but it was a “gregorian version” google/youtube that and you should find it.


  14. silent9173 Says:

    Any idea who performed the music for this video?

  15. LJM331 Says:

    Evil knows no Color or Religon, huge oil companies are apart of it…They fight eachother and work together for the New World Order.

  16. AnonymousTruther Says:

    Proud idiot.
    There’s no “theory”… but you too fucking stupid and lazy to read their OWN words…

  17. Zebonka Says:

    I wish the Illuminati would hurry up and kill all of the people who upload this crap.

    It would prove the theories right, and then I’d never have to fucking hear about any of this bull crap ever again …

  18. Vabzy Says:

    33 degree means your mind is now solvent as 33 degree farenheit where ice begins to form liquid. You go from the first degree to the 33rd. This can be acheived without joining any clubs or lodges. You can contact john Millman in london he is the grand lodge of london’s secretary.

    No more spookism…spook yourself with the powers at your grasp…just stop eating dead/energyless things. Become alkaline and you’ll see what is left to see.

  19. chuckyskeys Says:

    The 33/322 raised me,taught me their ways,they are controlled by Satan and Nyphilim Apollo the homosexual child molester rapist…they are now empowering Islam to kill all the christians through the 32 degree…..Watch U.G.L.E.Taliban Patels

  20. william0873 Says:

    ‘That was the sob that is on record saying “we always give them their heroes” Thats what AJ is a bet with all the new age crap he has on n never covering what lucifarian doctrine is that I know of. Orthodox Jews, Protestant Christians, and Muslims all follow the same God. M Asad’s translation of the Qu’ran is the most accurate from the reveiws I’ve read. Lucifarian doctrine is against us all too. We need to work together n overlook propaganda against each other. Any ideas on four horsemen yet?

  21. kidri0t Says:

    @Hektabyte the NWO s good for the aryan race

  22. donroche Says:

    Many falsehoods. Firstly there is not one primary source to back up these claims, if you have them please send me a link.
    Nazism didnt exist in his time.
    Crowleys name the beast had nothing to do with satanism.

    Whats the name of that tune?

  23. KevinCali24 Says:

    pike is a fat asshole. they are attempting the new world order but they wont come close to succeeding.

  24. NintendoAceOpinion Says:

    @Hektabyte If ignorance is bliss than you are orgasmic.

  25. AnonymousTruther Says:

    Idk, come to think of it, I would like to know too…. ask the maker, the info is just under the video.

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