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In my last blog post I touch, briefly, on the 4 Holistic elements that will assist you in having the best Internet business. In this post I will be going to more detail about how the physical element has a huge impact on our lives. Now you might have read the first lines of this blog and thought,”I know how the physical has an impact on me”, but I will not only be looking from the angle of you body but also materialistically and money wise. OK, so most of us have body-hang ups and it we d not then we are very luck and in the minority. But this is not about slim, tones versus a few extra pounds. This is about being comfortable with ourselves. If we are comfortable in our own skin, we have a positive outlook about how others perceive us; it gives us confidence and raises our self esteem. So what impact does this have on our home based Internet marketing business, where people cannot see you or get to meet you? Well, the answer is it has a lot to do with it. How we carry our-self does not just giving us physical presence but also it projects in our voice; confidence projects in our voice, and people equate confidence to success. consequently, when you are speaking on the phone to new leads or team members they will view you a a successful person and want to be in on that success. Money is a physical entity. Although, success and power have more to do with a rich quality of life there is no doubt that money has a huge impact in our life’s. And while it cannot make us happy it can certainly make us comfortable.

The majority, if not all people, look for a new Internet business because they want to earn extra money, they see the residual income and lucrative compensation plan and want in. I was not different, in the initial stages I joined my Internet based business opportunity because I needed to get out of debt and make money on the Internet. I’m not saying that it is about being the riches person in the world, it is not! At present I am reading a book on having a ‘Holistic Approach to Life’. I is really a set of book all combined into one. One of the passage I read from Susie Johns, about money, read; It’s not about greed or being the riches person in the world. It is about not having to struggle to make ends meet; to have the freedom to take opportunities when they arise and even create opportunities for yourself and those you love. This sums up my point exactly, money is not the be-all-and-end-all but it does open doors and gets us out of difficult situations. Money gives us freedom and keep the wolf from our doors, and this is exactly the reason why I chose to work from home online. Not only can I afford to do the things I want but I also have the time and energy to go to the gym and hiking to help my have the healthy body to enjoy my life and my success.

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