Appeal to Nobler Motives in Your Internet Marketing Promotion

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A good idea when trying to get people to do what you want in your home business online opportunity is to appeal to their nobler motives. Most people, even criminals have a high regard for themselves and have standards which they see themselves as living up to. We have all heard of the expression, ‘honour among thieves’, showing that even they see themselves as having high standards. They don’t see the other things they do as being of any great consequence. You may have heard of their ‘moral code’ whereby women and children being hurt in any way was of very low standards indeed. We can see from this that no matter what we may think of others, everyone has what they consider to be nobler standards. Appealing to what others consider to be their high standards, in your Internet marketing promotion, is far more likely to gain you the response you are hoping for. My daughter who has just started school is very slow to get ready in the mornings. My constant telling her to hurry has no effect.

However I happened to notice that she hates being late for the ‘line’. This is where each class has queue up in an orderly line before going into their respective classes. Now I just ask her if she wants to be on time for the ‘line’. She drops everything and gets ready straight away! Another twist on the same concept is giving the other person a reputation to live up to while looking for your desired result. A transport company I used to work for had a certain way of asking drivers to do difficult runs. For instance if something had to be at its destination in a short space of time or if weather conditions were bad. They would always call the person aside and say, ‘I am asking you as I know you are the only driver here that can do this’ The result was that they always got the best effort from the driver. The driver wanted to live up to his ‘reputation’. As a parent I often read books and articles on parenting. Many of them caution against labelling a child. No matter how naughty a child may be, do not label him/her bold. They will more than likely try to live up to that reputation. Rather catch a child when he/she is doing something good. Use the opportunity to tell them they are good. This gives them a much better reputation to live up to. To get help and direction to realise your loftier ideals, please visit my blog.

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