Annoying Orange birthday – regenerect

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  1. zolkable Says:

    i don’t want a pony

  2. MrMuhammadsumair2 Says:


  3. Saraly55 Says:

    whens ur birthday

  4. piepienate Says:

    I would want a wii ponie!!!! =D

  5. MakaylaMcleod Says:

    a wee pony

  6. desigymnast Says:

    This is so FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. handed2you04 Says:

    that wa a waste of my time get off my expensive laptop you fucking dumb ass fuck off go fuck your self your mom and dad you FUCKER

  8. mexicana1998 Says:

    wii pony

  9. KatelynandSkye Says:


  10. sumbybouley Says:

    @nononononone i want a wii pony

  11. kemspqhd1 Says:

    stuck in a cup cake XD

  12. falenangelzzz Says:

    lol look at pear’s reaction at 2:41 xD

  13. falenangelzzz Says:

    lol look at pear’s reaction at @2:41 xD

  14. islandgirl909 Says:

    i just want a poney

  15. oany81 Says:

    Stop copying annoying orange’s videos.Vote so he can see it.

  16. josmythe1973 Says:

    wii pony so i can play baseball

  17. MegaChula87 Says:

    i wanna be in one of your videos realy bad !

  18. ZoeeexXify Says:

    9 persons doesn’t know how to celebrate a birthday 🙂

  19. xxanelissemxx Says:

    happy birthday,orange!!

  20. goldman6969 Says:

    okay this is so kool i just tride it press left than up thumps up if it works

  21. goldman6969 Says:

    umm i think they said gay end sted of yay thumps up if you herd it

  22. Sarame628 Says:

    i love marshmsllow

  23. itzmachica Says:

    how can a orange have a birthday XD

  24. quinnelisabeth78 Says:

    ha ha

  25. jose2090 Says:

    Knife!!!!! =D

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