American Chopper- OCC in Foreclosure? | Senior vs. Junior

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Watch American Chopper Mondays @ 9pm E/P on Discovery! | For more, visit | After reading in a newspaper that OCC is facing foreclosure, Mikey breaks the news to Junior.

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  1. darlinkula1 Says:

    Damn that Mikey is H-O-T !

  2. Revomad1 Says:

    @CRAIGMASON1971 Senior did it to himself. Paul Jr. was always the brains of the operation. It was his designs that built OCC’s rep. Senior doesn’t have the patience or skill to build anything more than a basic bike with parts off the shelf. He has almost no fabrication skill whatsoever! lol

  3. CRAIGMASON1971 Says:

    sons that were so reliant on their father’s fortune have got greedy and stabbed their old man in the back. Paul Jnr is hell bent on destroying something that his father built up and Mikey is just a fat sack of shit that has and will always be a waste of space.

  4. allsportsbandfan Says:

    The reports that company will be closing down were exaggerated. They’re still in business and I don’t Sr. would let the company go down without a fight. There are still good people working there. People who go to work on time and get the job done. That’s the reason why Sr. doesn’t yell at them. It’s not about butt-kissing either because they like what they’re doing. True he has a quick temper but atleast he worked hard to get where he is and relied on nobody but his own strengths.

  5. cdltpx Says:

    @GranTruismo4head I don’t feel any pitty for any of these dudes they are drunk with power and are not at all in dire straights as people around the globe. There are people that have done every thing in their live correctly got a sheepskin good job and are on the streets bc there are no jobs. These 3 probably dropped out and are never contemplating further education. Don’t blame them school sucks.

  6. GranTruismo4head Says:

    @cdltpx I actually feel some pity for Sr. but I feel bad for mikey and Jr. Jr. went through alot and was fire because Sr. couldnt say you know what son youre right im worng Sr. did some pretty funy things but hes also done some stupid things

  7. YouPoorTing Says:

    poorting… NOT!!! I bet senior blames junior for this. Junior and Mikey should keep on with their lives and cut all ties with the worlds biggest ASS~O, Paul Teutle SR

  8. 1939PlymouthRatRod Says:

    What a terrible shame, whats happening here the old gang together whats happening.

  9. BuckANeer1000 Says:

    the discory channel is a joke, if we want to watch planet of the apes we will get the movie.
    these are nothing but a group of hungry chimps….feed them more bananas

  10. utubeworms Says:

    @guy2008rules Even if it takes months…

  11. seymourbbest Says:

    I guess the glory days of destroying hummers and expeditions and buildings are over,huh?

  12. guy2008rules Says:

    @utubeworms, I have an theory that says, ” ALL reality shows are taped and edited before being broadcasted.”

    Keep thinking about it.

  13. illdawg1234 Says:

    looks like Paul Sr. and his bike shop will be OK — the foreclosure will serve to restart the loan negotiations… It’s not like the lender wants to seize the property… so the lawyers will talk, and money will exchange hands once an agreement is reached…

  14. illdawg1234 Says:

    @utubeworms no you’re wrong, the newspaper article is from jan. 25th of this year, so its about a week behind…

  15. Boethius3007 Says:

    It’s shame that all this happened.

  16. utubeworms Says:

    This is old. The newspaper article was from November 2010. I didn’t know that this show ran that far behind real life.

  17. utubeworms Says:

    That sucks dude. Your dad is gonna run your 20% down to being worth zero dollars.

  18. mycellphoneandme Says:

    @EBourneFan just search here on yt for this including the ”
    “american chopper season 7 episode 16”

  19. mycellphoneandme Says:

    @EBourneFan just search here on yt for this including the ”
    “american chopper season 7 episode 16”

  20. mycellphoneandme Says:

    @EBourneFan just search here on yt for this including the ”
    “american chopper season 7 episode 16”

  21. EBourneFan Says:

    Can somone send me a link for the full video of this one and the one before this?

  22. Grimripper Says:

    @awesome444444 You should get neither and instead you should get a “No1” Tatoo on your head so everyone will know how great you are

  23. shithustler420 Says:


  24. TheL046Kid Says:


  25. cdltpx Says:

    It works because pops is running the company in the ground rather than pay you a single cent. Much like the Egyptian dictator they rather see no one get a thing rather than share control. He said he would leave his estate to his sons prior to the split but we have seem people like him leave all their wealth to a cat or dog just to be assholes. Paul Jr I hope your shop does well glad you guys are away from that maniac.

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