Alfred Adask “The Big Legal Secret, The Government Thinks We Are Animals” 3/3

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Alex also talks with constitutionalist Alfred Adask about a 60 Minutes hit piece demonizing patriots as domestic terrorists. Mr. Adask was interviewed by CBS for the piece. On Sunday, Adask wrote Am I About To Be Labeled a “Domestic Terrorist”? Am I About To Be Labeled a “Domestic Terrorist”? Alfred Adask May 16, 2011 There is some reason to believe that I may soon be portrayed as a “domestic terrorist”. This article is intended to blunt that portrayal. • Last Friday, I received notice from the TV program 60 Minutes that today, Sunday, May 15th, AD 2011, (about 35 minutes from now) they’d air a segment that includes me. I haven’t seen the segment, so I don’t know how I’ll be portrayed—but I have reason to believe that I may be cast in a false light and/or defamed by tomorrow’s program. The cause for my concern is the 60 Minutes description of the segment on their “Up Next” webpage: “Sovereign Citizens – Anti-government American extremists who don’t pay taxes and ignore requirements like social security cards and drivers licenses are on the rise. Called sovereign citizens, some have become violent and the FBI considers them a domestic terror threat. Byron Pitts reports. Clem Taylor is the producer.”

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  1. spetznas101 Says:

    First of I think we should abolish the Party system and make everybody run as an independent, this
    wold put more competition into politics and they wont have their huge campaign budgets.
    Then we Should add a “None of the above” on the votes, this way we can express our opinion.
    We should also build a “House of votes” in Every major city, that we the people can vote for certain bills(like whether to go to war,New Laws or Tax cuts for business).

  2. muzapstar Says:

    Holy shit, This is Heavy!

  3. spetznas101 Says:

    What I said is REAL science, its verified by the Entire scientific community and is based on facts and evidence.
    You are a lunatic who doesn’t know anything about science, you don’t even know what the scientific theory is.
    You probably believe Ken Hovind and his crap(even though he is in jail for tax fraud and is not a Scientist).
    you have the Mental attitude of a 5 year old who still believes in Unicorns and Santa Claus, someone who will believe the most far out crap there is.

  4. spetznas101 Says:

    Satans soldier? wow thats dangerous stuff to say.
    next thing we know you are gonna try to “purify” us by burning us at the stake.
    you are a crazy fanatic.

  5. Imagine369hz Says:

    @spetznas101 we know you are satans soldier w a bogus utube channel . take your evolution hoax and shove it- im not buying. leave me alone. all you can do is insult. ill pass. God Bless You

  6. TheQuinian Says:

    @spetznas101 Fact is you’re an arm chair douchbag with no real science to back up your claims. There is a reason most of what you are saying is called the such and such THEORY or HYPOTHESIS. I’m done with you. Go regress (or de-evolve if you like) back into the shit slinging monkey that you are.

  7. spetznas101 Says:

    I wouldn’t even have commented again if it wasn’t for TheQuinian challenging me.

  8. spetznas101 Says:

    I believe that you don’t even have one piece of evidence against evolution and For Creation, that is recognized by the scientific community.
    How is he full of crap? he shows you REAL science,presents REAL evidence, and makes fun of REAL religious nutjobs.
    I actually like the videos, the only thing that ticked me off is the “they are making us animals” thing so thats why I commented on it.

  9. spetznas101 Says:

    Yes he did.

  10. spetznas101 Says:

    And Another one to take it all the way home.
    More oxygen, while giving the potential for size, doesn’t make you bigger(for any noticeable changes it would take hundreds of thousand to millions of years).
    Also who are those “Non-Christian” scientist? because to me not only to they seem very “christianiy” but also not one bit “scienciy”.
    So I shot down all your BS, bring some more and I will gladly inform more people about your idiotic & borderline retarded facts.

  11. spetznas101 Says:

    Oh yeah I am not Done yet,I would have left you alone but now I am gonna ride you into the ground because you sound like a big douche.
    If the Earth had an axis of 0 then there would be no seasons meaning that animals/plants that are perfectly adapted to their environments would not exist(polar bears,hippos,cactus or basically most of earth life forms).
    The only way the tilt happened is either a big asteroid hit us or we started out with it, neither hypothesis would support you.

  12. spetznas101 Says:

    average life expectancy is around 80 years(in the good countries), people rarely live to a hundred and when they do they can barely move and look like they are already decomposing.
    Average basketball player height is 6.6 feet, there are only 13 people in the entire world that are taller then 8 feet(nobody is 9 feet).
    If all the ice in the world melted sea level would rise 70 meters, might sound like a lot but get this Calgary Alberta is 1040 Meters above sea level.

  13. TheQuinian Says:

    @spetznas101 Ignore the bible and look at hard science. We have people dotay living to be over 100. People in the 8-10 foot range. Non-Christian Scientists have proven there was infact a world wide flood caused by the ice age melting and that before that flood the Earth was on a 0 axis which created perfect conditions with more oxygen which allows people, plants and animals to grow larger… go double check your facts before you spout BS

  14. AffinityNetNews Says:

    Prepare to see a rampant explosive escalation of police brutality across the nation. The entire staged killing of Osama is a pretext to now ramp-up the totalitarian police-state control-grid to vilify anyone who dares to criticize the blatant tyranny of our criminal government that is now completely uncontrollable and outlaw.

    It is the duty of each aware person to educate and become leaders for those who are now just awakening to this: “The American Nightmare”. Share this video with everyone.

  15. Imagine369hz Says:

    @spetznas101 even darwin didnt believe his own theory.

  16. Imagine369hz Says:

    @spetznas101 i have plenty of evidence evolution is a HOAX thx. that guy is full of crap, i wouldnt waste my time. we will have to agree to disagree. what are you working for satan cointelpro? no channel creep.

  17. tinoDUB Says:

    @cazqab I think the best thing we can do is wake up as many Military and Law enforcement that you can because it will be them that they will use against us… and I believe the only way to end all this would be a coup from within… coup de tat.

  18. PauloPelle14 Says:

    We were once animals but evolved into creature far beyond such! There is no god to this blue pearl but ourselves! and we all hold the power and mental potential to do good things and achieve many great goals!

    We shouldn’t let these globalists fool us and at the same time we shouldn’t let these dogmatic religions; after all, many of you people preaching about the bible have probably forgot it was translated into english by a british monarch and he could of put absoloutely anything in there!

  19. spetznas101 Says:

    Kent Hovind,,,, Really?
    … really???
    I mean… WOW ….just …WOW.
    that guy is borderline retarded, and isn’t he in Jail right now?

    “no one said kill non believers except muslims”
    actually Muslims were pretty cool until recently much better then you Christian(crusades,inquisition,witch burnings etc).

    “no one said check your brain at the door” oh thats exactly what you ask of people.

    “yes we have dominion over plants and animals” Idiot -,- .

  20. spetznas101 Says:

    “the atmosphere b4 the flood allowed people to grow hundreds of years old and 10 ft tall”
    Oh common, seriously using your stupid book as evidence is retarded.
    there was no flood.
    hundreds of years old? wrong
    10ft tall? wrong.
    Yea I see you are basically talking out of your butt and creationist websites.
    yeah you should check out the, “Why do people laugh at creationists” videos of thunderfoot.
    You should really check them out they answer a lot of questions.

  21. spetznas101 Says:

    the moon moves away at 3.8 centimeters a year:
    6000 * 3.8 =22800cm
    22800cm /100= 228m
    228m/1000= 0.228km
    moons orbit radius 384,000 km
    0.288km/384,000km * 100 =0.0000000075%
    in the last 6000 years the moon moved away 0.0000000075 % or about 1/4 a Km.
    You just got Lawyered!!
    What does windshield have to do with evolution??
    yes there are check out wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/List_of_human_evolution_fossils.
    Precambrian, show me the evidence?!

  22. Imagine369hz Says:

    @spetznas101 : they can get 3 diff readings carbon dating the same animal
    : the moon is moving out ea year and therefore if we went back more than 6k yrs =no tides
    . your car windshield can have several layers of ice in one day
    : there are NO fossils of 1/2 man 1/2 monkey and a dog never evolved into a horse
    : evidence is found in the Precambrian shield, explosion
    : the atmosphere b4 the flood allowed people to grow hundreds of years old and 10 ft tall

  23. Imagine369hz Says:

    @spetznas101 no one said kill non believers except muslims, no one said check your brain at the door, science is not a prize to claim over theists and yes we have dominion over plants and animals. maybe you would like another good web site. drdino(dot)com or any of the Kent Hovind videos on you tube.

  24. spetznas101 Says:

    its your ” Kill the Non-Believer” that causes Wars.
    Its your ” Science is Evil!!” that causes our Kids to get dumber.
    its your ” We have dominion over animals/plants” that causes us to screw our environment.
    its your ” Blindly believe everything we say” that causes our freedoms to get taken away.
    and again Evolution is as true as Gravity.
    also that site you mentioned is Horse shit, that guy is an idiot who uses personal experiences and very vague concepts, to try to sound smart.

  25. spetznas101 Says:

    Atheist is non religious, its having No believe.
    its like a NON-Nazi, We can call people Nazies but we don’t have a word for people who are not Nazies.
    Atheist are the once who are fighting for freedom, We are the ones who don’t like being told what to believe, we are the ones who question everything, We are the ones that believe in equal right for all Humans(not just our particular religious groups), We are the ones that want to preserve the environment.

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