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Poll: What’s your stance on socialized medicine? Episode 2 – Health Care The health care system is broken, everyone knows it but no one can agree how to fix it. Angry Films On… doesn’t know how to either, but they sure want to speak about it, well at least partially about it. Once a weekZachary Little, Jory Caron, Ryan Lewis, and Joshua Martin focus on what matters most in the news. We discuss it, add our own two cents, and let you (the viewer) savor it’s goodness. !!New Episodes Every Saturday!! Support The Show! Website: Facebook Twitter: Subscribe, Comment, Rate, and tell your friends. —————————— associated channels: Jpizzle1122: RileyM0730: Written by and Starring: Zachary Little, Jory Caron, Ryan Lewis, and Joshua Martin Edited by: Jory Caron Graphics by: Ryan Lewis An Angry Films Production in association with ideo Productions- © 2009.

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  1. BrettDunbar Says:

    These guys are the epidome of unfunny.

    And they don’t understand how economics work.

    lol fucking wow

  2. fafnir242 Says:

    @DeltaPhi79 Agreed.

  3. awesomeguy234564 Says:

    Poll: 9/11 (if you don’t get it, u need to watch more family guy)

  4. KillJOY900orso Says:

    i get the same problem with people calling my name, i mean the exact same problem….. (names zak)

  5. pinkaholic30 Says:

    i just noticed the color key for the weather map at the top of the screen when ryan is goiving his forecast. “crazy ass rain” LMAO!!!

  6. longredline0 Says:

    I had genital evaporation once. Okay, actually I dipped my balls in Tabasco Sauce.

  7. maxbsgonnafuckyouup Says:

    sleep vomiting. hahahaha

  8. kazooga1234 Says:

    i think the air bag was the worst near death experience he had or the dynomite if he wasnt such a fast runner

  9. kazooga1234 Says:

    and who knows what the smoke from the previous season did to them prob not much but they didnt really have any protection and it could have done a little something even drinking the capri sun after it was in the microwave could of had some tinfoil in the juice even if it wasnt noticeable and that cant be good for his body but it was funny

  10. kazooga1234 Says:

    want it/need it and that will help the gov get out of debt as well and as for the gap between the rich and the poor that will go away when we stop listening to the republicans they just want to cut taxes for the rich and make it so the people who cant afford taxes will pay more taxes and that doesnt help anything so we should make the people who can pay taxes pay taxes and the people who cant pay as much in taxes pay what they can afford that will help with the gap between rich and poor

  11. kazooga1234 Says:

    thats true we have to put a stop to the corporations and a way to do that is to make it so they have to compete with the government and a public option would help with the problem another thing is what alan grayson wants to do and put a cap on the FED and make sure they cant just print money and as long as we dont have the country to capitalist or to socailist then it would work and the public option should only be an option like what was promised and not be paid for by taxes but the people who

  12. kazooga1234 Says:

    thats y i plan on moving there if america becomes shittier and at the rate its going we might have palin as president and thats not a country i want to live in

  13. DeltaPhi79 Says:

    Ryan would make a good weatherman. XD

  14. kazooga1234 Says:

    it is also a proven fact that america pays way to much for the health care system and that the system is shit go watch the vlogbrothers explaining the health care system its called Health Care Reform Thought Bubble go check it out if u dont believe me and also u can watch the other links that i posted they all go to youtube but again u r prob not going to caz u r a rich fucker who doesnt have a pre existing condiction like hank green does

  15. kazooga1234 Says:

    u no how its stupid because all the info i have ever found explains that every where else in the world people live longer then us and pay a hell of a lot less then us and also i am not fucking weak and neither is alan grayson i can prove to u that canada pays a hell of a lot less with us by using tax dollars and they live 5 years longer we live as long as the people of cuba and they pay a hell of a lot less and that should say something

  16. kazooga1234 Says:

    want all the links u no what even if i was on meds i couldnt fucking aford them so it wouldnt matter u shithead

  17. abbienarutogirl Says:

    how is what frio said stupid? <.< dude you are weak.

  18. abbienarutogirl Says:

    -.- idiot

  19. AdamovitchQuwelton Says:

    i feel so bad for ryan with the whole santa thing

  20. AdamovitchQuwelton Says:

    Janutober 37th, 2009 D.C.

    Holy crap I almost died laughing!!

  21. ImprajdaajIntary Says:

    haha! you guys are to much!! lmao!

  22. kazooga1234 Says:

    it doesnt prove that what it proves is that i accually do my research what it proves every time u type on here is that u r a bigot

  23. frio109 Says:

    Kazooka every time you text on here, is complete proof you are a idiot and a gay fucker.

  24. kazooga1234 Says:

    how have i proven that i am an idiot i have proven that canada has better health care then america u have proven that u no abosultely nothing there are no links or anything u r just a fucking troller

  25. frio109 Says:

    Yes, you have proven have much of a idiot you are……..

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