Advantages of Owning A TV Over Renting One

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The television is one of the most valued appliances in the home. Some will go for the regular sized TVs while others would like to have the big screen with state-of-the-art sound technology. The decision whether to buy or rent a television depends on various factors. When someone buys a television there is the sense of pride that the appliance is his or hers. This is different from someone who knows that the television they are watching is not their own. Someone who owns the television can decide to do improvements to the television system without asking any one. He or she might decide to install applications that will improve the appliance performance. This is different for the person who has rented the television who has to get permission from the real owner who may otherwise refuse that request altogether.

Companies that sell televisions allow the customer to make period payments over a period of time until he or she completes buying the television. This is convenient for people who may not have enough money to buy the television all at once. A person renting a television may need to make this kind of payments over a specified time with the owner of the television. These small payments may continue until it reaches the original price that the television was being sold for. In that case the person who rented the television would have been better off buying rather than renting.

Most televisions nowadays are expensive to purchase and more sophisticated in terms of technology. When you buy such a television, you should consider it as an asset which adds value to you. This asset is considered as equity and a person can borrow money against it. Most credit companies and agencies will be more than willing to advance the owner of a television a soft loan holding the equipment as collateral. This comes in handy when the owner requires a specified amount of money urgently.

When you buy a television rather than renting one there is a tax advantage given to buyer. When you buy a television you pay a one-off tax deductible to the government. On the other hand when you rent a television you have to put tax deductions into focus every time you make your payments to the owner of the television. When you rent a television one is not assured of the particular brand and make that you want. On the other hand when you purchase a television you is given the make, particular brand, and specifications that you require.

Finally as we said earlier a television is very personal and getting a company or someone who will agree to rent one may prove an overwhelming task. Incase the television breaks down the real owner of the TV may claim compensation from the person who has rented it.

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