Adam Levitin: Servicers, and loans on the books of banks are the problem

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Levitin appears before the Senate Mortgage Services and Foreclosure Practices hearing Tuesday. Visit:

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  1. tubeshok Says:

    @dave777blaster The US Corporation has been Bankrupt since 1913. It’s just one big Ponzi scheme.

  2. sprsmoke Says:

    get your money out of the banks. you’ve now been told.

  3. dave777blaster Says:

    Every American Bank is Bankrupt they have an astronomical derivative debt that is so huge it does not appear on their balance sheet. IF they were to put it on their balance sheet they would collapse.
    Criminal activity in the govt and Banks have bankrupted USA.

  4. annihilationHaven Says:

    Was this meeting about considering bringing back mark-to-market which was suspended in March ’09?

  5. TheHairyHeart Says:

    Sorry but, hahahahahaha I mean wtf?

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