Acorn spokesperson defends breaking into Foreclosed homes.

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ACORN is occupying private property and calling it civil disobedience ACORN breaks & enters home for civil disobedience protest somethings rotten in Baltimore

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  1. homesalegold Says:

    5 solid and serious ways to avoid ruining your credit with a foreclosure! check my page to get a great way out!

  2. junkymagi Says:

    They don’t know the difference between civil and criminal?

  3. norr4636 Says:

    @crusades0917 I take issue with your assessment on Blacks. I’m an educated Black American man who don’t expect anything from Govt. I am a conservative and work hard for everything I have in my life…BUT YOU ARE correct about the welfare state. But historical facts point out that the welfare (not food stamps) was created for blacks but mainly for whites until the Lyndon Johnson expanded the social program.

  4. norr4636 Says:

    @youcutmelegoff Making people homeless? People make themselves homeless by not paying every month and getting behind 3-6 months constitute not paying your bills. Paying lights, water, cable, car note and not paying the mortgage will constitute being on the streets

  5. MsLoveMe27 Says:

    I’m black and I agree with the news anchor man. I rent a house from a landlord who has a mortgage that she has to pay. If I don’t pay my rent then guess where I am…OUT ON MY ASS. I have a lein holder on my car and I pay them 250.00 a month until the car is paid off. If I don’t pay then guess where my car goes….BACK TO THE FINANCE COMPANY because it’s not mine anymore if I don’t PAY FOR IT

  6. UndercoverCracker Says:

    Fuck Acorn and fuck Obama.

  7. akaguardian Says:

    When i posted that i was slightly drunk lol, my apologies for being an insensitive prick. Where i live my experiences with blacks has always been one ending in a negative feeling. Ive been mugged while on my job, ive had a gun put in my face while on the job, and ive had black people try to intimidate me with physical violence just to get what they want from me. i work in a field that services lottery equipment and most of my service calls are in neighborhoods that are predominately black

  8. norr4636 Says:

    @akaguardian As a black conservative, I don’t have a chip on my shoulders and I know the world doesn’t owe me anything. But I do get what you’re saying…..on some level. ACORN is a fraud

  9. 2purple79 Says:

    Big Bertha is a bitch

  10. herbs814 Says:

    Government compelled the mortgage companies to loan to people at high risk of not being able to repay the loans. The mortgage companies did not do anything wrong. The crisis is ENTIRELY the government’s fault.

  11. Budguy68 Says:

    Both the finical company and this people should loose then.

  12. omilkhouseo Says:

    alright. lets think of it like this. you are working hard, maybe you have two jobs. but its not enough, you have to remortgage your house. so you do. little do you know these companies finance the house so that you “pay a little now, worry about the rest later!!” they SPECIFICALLY targeted low income groups that they knew couldnt pay them back with the interest rates on them. except they didnt even think about their own consequences, like whats gonna happen when nobody does pay them back.

  13. omilkhouseo Says:

    please tell me that you don’t agree with ACORN for what it stands for (helping low income families) and not what happens to do (help MINORITY AKA BLACK families). this blatant racism has got to stop.

  14. kdj0172 Says:

    this is about the most ridiculous woman I’ve ever heard speak. She practically admitted to forcing the banks to give the bad loans, and then she blames the banks and wants taxpayers to bail them out. It’s unreal.

  15. ruthiness Says:


  16. ruthiness Says:

    Quote from Bertha “We WISH we could force banks to our will” OMG well that shows EXACTLY what she and others want in the US – they want CHAVEZ style government takeovers of everything turning hard working Americans into soylent green.

  17. ruthiness Says:

    I love how ACORN participated in EXTORTING BANKS to loan money to high risk low income homeowners and then they turn around and support squatting in that foreclosed house that they contributed to in the first place. They are playing both sides and it’s high time ACORN be shut down for good!

    Stuart Varney is right. Bertha Lewis is WRONG.

  18. petermaxx1 Says:

    being foreclosed on is bad, m’kay? and foreclosure is bad, m’kay? so if you don’t pay your mortgage, you still get to stay in that house, m’kay? so the mean evil bad banks have to let the delinquent mortgage holders stay in the home because it’s good to have a home, m’kay? and the President is good, m’kay? and so when his plan kicks in it will keep the people who can’t afford their mortgage from being foreclosed, m’kay? and then there won’t be a mortgage crisis, m’kay? and she’s lying

  19. SwingGirl20 Says:

    Thats ridiculous. I’ve been in tight spots myself. Work hard do what you can, and deal with what life gives you. The important thing is to learn from those experiences and don’t let them happen again if they’re bad. Thats how life works.

  20. tmf1977 Says:

    Foreclosures happened because banks were forced to give loans to people who were high risk to begin with. Now we have banks that needed to be bailed out, foreclosed homes, lower home prices, and people now with even poorer credit than they originally had. Thanks Acorn!

  21. tgogo72 Says:

    send that hood rat to Prison, where she belongs!

  22. News4usall Says:

    Hey don’t be so quick to judge Acorn – underage hookers need homes too!

  23. SokViChet Says:

    If you don’t pay for it, you don’t get to keep it. You are not entitled to whatever you want simply because you want it. I have a feeling you’ll learn this lesson the hard way.

  24. youcutmelegoff Says:

    I do because its better than making people homless

  25. NoiseCollector Says:

    Sure beats pimping illigal immigrant children… oh wait… nevermind.

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