AC/DC – Down Payment Blues

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AC/DC – Down Payment Blues from Powerage lyrics: I know that it’s evil I know that it’s gotta be I know I ain’t doing much Doing nothing means a lot to me Living on a shoestring A fifty cent millionaire Open to charity Rock ‘n’ roll welfare Sitting in my Cadillac Listening to my radio Suzy baby get on in Tell me where she wanna go I’m living in a nightmare She’s looking like a wet dream I got myself a Cadillac But I can’t afford the gasoline I got holes in my shoes And I’m way overdue Down payment blues Get myself a steady job Some responsibility Can’t even feed my cat On social security Hiding from the rent man Oh it make me wanna cry Sheriff knocking on my door Ain’t it funny how the time flies Sitting on my sailing boat Sipping on my champagne Suzy baby all at sea Say she wanna come again Feeling like a paper cup Floating down a storm drain Got myself a sailing boat But I can’t afford a drop of rain I got holes in my shoes And I’m way overdue Down payment blues Down payment blues Down payment blues Down payment blues I got holes in my shoes And I’m way overdue I go the Down payment blues

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  1. kwakis Says:

    Once again, Bon Scott gets it right.

  2. scatdog1 Says:

    This song is the definition of pure driving hardcore rock

  3. NeonAngel1997 Says:

    So underrated!!!

  4. rubettes75 Says:

    pourquoi les voisins font la gueule ? ah oui ! je sais … c’est pas assez fort . better put it to 11 !!

  5. brittany1019ful Says:

    we all will have down payment blues

  6. testpatternrerun Says:

    That phukkin’ ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Barbatruck94 Says:


  8. Cheops2112 Says:

    R.I.P. Bonn Scott….Gone but NOT forgotten…..

  9. Cheops2112 Says:

    R.I.P. Bonn Scott

  10. RazorUltraPro11 Says:

    my favorite ACDC song

  11. TheClutched Says:

    Menudo temazo!!!!. Lo siento por Brian Johnson, pero Bon Scott era mucho mejor cantante

  12. TheClutched Says:

    Menudo temazo!!!!

  13. loudmusic67 Says:

    Just got done listening to “Working Man” by RUSH Those two songs really do go together!

  14. mrsbigboy Says:

    My favorite song of all time. This wraps us a working person’s life.

  15. mrsbigboy Says:

    My favorite song, ever.

  16. nonotc Says:

    4 57 il crie son mal de vivre

  17. DarkxSword Says:

    I’ve got holes in my shoes, and i’m way overdue. DOWN PAYMENT BLUES. Amazing song !!

  18. sfmain Says:

    You shoulda seen my 1971 cadi “el dorado” with the deck of cards interior uhhhhh…. im getting another one this time im gonna be able to afford the gas!@!!!!!!!!!@@!!@!!@@!!!!!@!@@!!!!!!!!@@

  19. francis666ful1 Says:

    una filosofia muy rockera. sencilles y calidad

  20. jamssmith Says:

    this song defines genuine rock sensibility; Bon Scott nails it

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