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♥ Abraham Hicks ♥ Flow that escrow by being satisfied with what IS in this Now! Abraham-Hicks AbrahamHicks Abraham Hicks Abraham Law of Attraction LOA abrahamhicks

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  1. MelissaMartine Says:

    @lor83130 First, forgive yourself. Remind yourself that where ever you are and what ever you are feeling, it is ok. And you are aware that in the past, when you’ve been down and depressed you eventually got out of it and learned something from it. Where you are is absolutely fine. Now, where do you want to go from here?

  2. thoughtsbecomething1 Says:

    thank you for this

  3. dannymakeithappen Says:

    @lor83130 you cannot fake it, because you can’t lie to the universe. Just find positive aspects, and relief statementes on the subjects that you feel worse, it can take a lot of work, and it will be annoying, but once you start, positive thoughts flow easily

  4. buzzclick500 Says:

    @cspace1234nz : Of course.

  5. buzzclick500 Says:

    “Lord, what do I need to DO to get what I want?!” “You can start by relaxing in the knowledge that I’M bringing it to you, and finding something to occupy the time with while I’m perfecting it.” ;]

  6. MrMucols1 Says:


  7. TheShsc Says:

    Thank you for posting this video… It as helped me a lot.

  8. Hady629 Says:

    That’s excellent! I am actually really happy for you!

  9. cspace1234nz Says:

    @bbrain14 Mortgage free of course ??

  10. andtheniawoke Says:

    beautiful, stunning, soothing.
    thank you you have raised my vibration

  11. paolofanzaga Says:

    Thank you CAnn for this gift!!

  12. georgia507 Says:

    Hi all,

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  13. ladytess23 Says:

    So fabulous. Thanks for this lovely offering.

  14. Dengee Says:

    There you are!!!! the complete teachings of Abraham in 5:15 !!!!!
    i FAVORITE this one!
    Thanks EvolutionAvenue!!!!

  15. Ethaniel82 Says:

    you are them 🙂

  16. Nullbunker Says:

    I preciate your comment – thanks on that!

  17. carriedarrington Says:

    @Nullbunker “there will always be creditors/predators out there getting back at me”?

    You ask and you receive. The law of attraction is completely at work here, your vibrations are simply misguided. Watch more Abraham, especially the ones about allowing. Good luck friend!

  18. JonahKai111 Says:

    @fdbckband I agree, I would like to find out which recording as well! I find it helps me to let it really sink in when I am hearing her/them in such a peaceful state!

  19. JonahKai111 Says:

    @TheCultivatedMind oops I meant to “like” that one….my appologies!

  20. JonahKai111 Says:

    “You are so GooD at translating vibration!”

  21. TheCultivatedMind Says:

    This is a great guide to achieving your greatest potential. Abraham talks from a higher perspective; showing that your limitations are only in your mind.

  22. stasisnu18 Says:

    i love abraham so much i wanna marry them 😀

  23. stasisnu18 Says:

    @Nullbunker that sounds really upstream, have you tried to stop paddling? it really does work. LOA is real and is the basis of all, you know it. dont worry 🙂

  24. jett888 Says:

    thank you for this reminder

  25. Intuitionatwork Says:

    I think you need to listen to this again, because you obviously didnt pay attention to what shes saying…she spoke on every issue you’re dealing with in this session…take the time to listen to it carefully…in fact, come back when youre clear minded…maybe youll have a better understanding of it when your mind is clear…because I know you heard what she said…

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