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Owning a home is more than just about paying a mortgage. As well as the mortgage, you will have to pay things like taxes, maintenance, and home insurance. While you might have been paying renters insurance on your rental property, cheap home insurance is much different than renters insurance. Purchasing homeowners insurance can be a daunting task, and there are several things you will want to know so as to purchase the right policy for your situation.

What To Know Before you purchase

For starters, you are nothing more than a statistic to a home insurance company. You are some risks, and the insurer bases its decision if to insure you (along with what you would pay for your premium), on your risk factors. These risk factors can include what you are, what you own, what you do (occupation), and how you live. While you cannot necessarily be prepared for this, know that your home insurance may hinge upon certain things.

Second, you absolutely must know your home’s value when you are ready to purchase home insurance. Before you chose your policy, you have to know exactly what your house is worth in order to know the replacement cost. While realtors can give you an estimate for your house value, the simplest way to get an accurate replacement cost is to talk to a local builder. That way you will truly know how much it would cost to rebuild your home.

Third, do not simply consider the price because insurers and insurance policies differ greatly. Like with everything else that you will purchase in life, something that is almost precisely the same can be priced differently from different companies or manufacturers. Like with most things, you may be able to save money by comparing different quotes. In addition, do not simply glance at the price of home insurance. Just because a price is low does not always mean you are receiving a bargain. In case you are paying a low price and the insurer takes a very long time to service your claim, the low price might not be worth it. In order to avoid this with your home insurance, research each insurer’s record for how they handle claim services.

Finally, be sure to ask for discounts. Many home insurance companies offer discounts to reward risk reducing behaviors. It’s estimated that Americans waste about 300 billion dollars a year because they do not ask for discounts. Do not be one of those people! Be sure you ask if you qualify for any discounts that the home insurance company offers.

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