A New Korean War Would Firebomb Production

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Some of the more extreme camps within the right-wing mass media see the president’s plummeting poll numbers and also the persistent calls from Israel to invade Iran as proof that war with Iran is on the horizon. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen lately told “Meet the Press” that the Pentagon is in fact ready to strike the nation bordering Afghanistan. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Front Page Magazine reports that North Korea may be the next dance partner in horrific war. Not only would this be tragic in terms of lost lives, but it would be deadly for production and the world imports market. Post resource – The business of a New Korean War by Personal Money Store.

The coming of a New Korean War

North Korea and South Korea have been at each other’s throats over indicators of aggression recently – signs which include the sinking of the South Korean ship Cheonan – and now the United States is involved in what could conceivably lead to a New Korean War. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il says his country is ready to fight, which has caused global stocks to plummet. Jong-il warned of “powerful nuclear deterrence” in a recent broadcast where he said that “We do not hope for war, but if South Korea, with the United States and Japan on its back, tries to assault us, (we) will finish the task of unification left undone during the…(Korean) war (in 1953)”.

Jong-il has also confronted violent retaliation if additional sanctions are placed on North Korea by the United States and also the European Union, a move both nations have seriously considered.

The Americas will protect its ally

UPI indicates that half of Americas adults surveyed by the Angus Reid Public Opinion group believe that a New Korean war is inevitable. Less than half of those surveyed are against America’s involvement in such a war. The United States government has backed South Korea, vowing to defend it in any armed conflict with North Korea, so involvement seems definite, should hostilities escalate.

War noise and also the gasps of strangled business

American consumers, dealers and importers of products made in South Korea are very worried about the prospect of a New Korean War, reports The Detroit Bureau. From an import standpoint, war could possibly be disastrous. Automakers like Hyundai and Daewoo, as well as electronics manufacturers like LG would be hurt, as would import-dependent retail giants like Wal-Mart and Best Buy. South Korea’s economy would take a nosedive amidst the chaos of war, sending refugees into China who would be a severe drain on the Chinese economy. Eventually the domino chain would hit the United States of America.

America without South Korean imports

As South Korean manufacturers have admitted that they don’t have a New Korean War contingency plan, lanes of shipping would likely dry up. Even with the North Korean military reportedly in shambles – although accurate information on such topics is difficult to determine with certainty – the impact of violent conflict would be felt. No new products or parts coming out of South Korea would make things difficult for the American market.

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