A Guide To Displaying An Assertive Behaviour In The Workplace

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Establishing an assertive behaviour at work lets you communicate your feelings, needs, wants, beliefs, and views without stepping on the rights of other people. Being assertive at work is about listening to and addressing issues with your supervisors and colleagues, showing confidence in your work, knowing, understanding, and standing up for your rights in a sensible and professional way, and giving out your very best to get the most out of any situation. So, by showing assertiveness in the office, you can reach the goals you’ve set and obtain success in your career.

But while people are can display assertiveness naturally, others are having a tough time communicating their feelings and thoughts, which obstructs their career’s development. So, how do you develop assertiveness in the workplace?


You should completely believe in your worth as an individual and as a part of your company. Know and recognise that you add value to your company and know that you are as valuable as anyone else. Do not let your overbearing managers or superiors or bossy peers demean you. Stay confident and never let your rights be trampled on. Do so in a calm and professional manner.


Know and understand that although you’re given the right to convey your views or make a request, others also are given the right to say “No” or not agree. When this happens, you must not get upset or become aggressive just to get what you want. Assertiveness includes self-control which allows you work out an ideal compromise. Take note that although you might not arrive to the results you’re expecting, it is always best to try.


To be assertive is to have the confidence to say “No” to the things that you aren’t supposed to do. If it’s tough for you to turn down unnecessary or irrelevant tasks or favours from peers, begin by saying, “No. I am sorry but I was given tasks to work on.” Be straightforward. You could add a brief explanation.

If you have already tried your very best to becoming assertive, and you are still that passive individual who cannot say no and who is not able to stand up for his or her own beliefs, rights, and opinions, it is best to consider getting a formal training on being more assertive to help you reap the rewards of your hard work.

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