9mm Federal HST 147 grain

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An evaluation of the 9mm Federal HST, 147 grain. I believe this test dispelled some outdated myths regarding 147 grain bullet performance in this caliber….I’ll let the video speak for itself. After completing the video, I affirmed that the expanded bullet measured approximately .8125 across it’s widest spread. PLEASE NOTE: This test was in a controlled environment, illustrating possible ballistics; these results are not guaranteed. Self-defense scenarios present multiple variables that will impact ballistic performance. The law-abiding citizen bears ultimate responsibility for their ammunition choice and insuring reliability in their handgun.

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  1. StaKind85 Says:

    I think HydraShoks are outdated I wouldnt carry them unless I couldnt get some of the more modern rounds. Same with Golden Saber (but they do have a new bonded GS). I just switched from Speer Gold Dot 124gr +P and ordered a few boxes of the HST 147gr +P.

    Any chance of a test of the 147gr +P? Its hard to find info on the +P version, while the regular pressure 147gr seems to get all the attention.

    Boy this stuff is hard to find though!

  2. FLATblacktical Says:

    That media looks so nasty in HD! 🙂

  3. smokestakz Says:

    @tnoutdoors9 you’ve been saying you will test the basic hydra-shoks for some time now good sir!!!….lol j/k but i for one would love to see the demo since i too carry the 147gHS…thx T9

  4. baccusboy Says:

    tnoutdoors9, any chance of testing the Federal HST 9mm 147gr +P LE P9HST4 ? I’d like to see what the +P version of this round does.

  5. bobwatters Says:

    @O4jampO4 every video i have seen of hydrashock round has yielded terrible results u can find them on here andreleger2001 also does good videos on here about performance of rounds

  6. unbeatableshooter Says:

    @O4jampO4 hydra shok is just fine ask him if its out dated to let u shoot him with it i bet he dont lol its just fine dont worry about what he says

  7. smrio Says:

    @baccusboy Curious myself. I own a Taurus 24/7 Pro Compact Pistol. Very comfortable grip. I also heard that the 147 gr. round isn’t that good, because it causes gun jam. My pistol probably needs to be broken in some, I shoot 115 gr. FMJ and the gun tends to jam a little bit (the slide doent rest with the chasis after firing). Maybe a compact needs a littler GR. bullet. However I will experiment with 124, 115, or a lighter gr. if its available just to see for myself.

  8. baccusboy Says:

    Am wondering if a 147gr. load like this would be a good load for a Taurus Slim 9mm? I’m looking at a shorter barrel, then. Or would Hornady Critical defense work better? Also interested in the fast 100gr. load you had which travelled at over 1400fps and had a piece of plastic in the nose (I forget the maker).

  9. Sharingan221 Says:

    The FBI has cleared more 147 gr BONDED 9mm loads than any other load, because it penetrates more than 12 inches and less than 18 inches, and the 147 gr actually pedals out better because instead of “exploding” on impact it expands on impact, if anybodys interested i can actually provide an entire webpage on different loads and how they perform compared to other loads and how the 9mm, .40, .45, and .357 sig compare to each other anybody whos interested just message me and i will provide the link

  10. LS6WS6 Says:

    @vabch82 I am wanting to know how the 147 +P do as well!!!

  11. vabch82 Says:

    If the standard pressure 147grn hst’s perform this well, i wonder what the 147grn +p hst’s will do. Part # for the 147grn+p’s are P9HST4

  12. sdvten Says:

    Holy expansion batman.

  13. AnarchAngel1 Says:

    @O4jampO4 the guy at the gun store is probably right, not saying the hydra-shok is awful but the HST is a much better round especially in that bullet weight

  14. grassyknollblues Says:

    I like that test medium better than just a jug of water. I think it to be closer to flesh and clothing.

  15. pablosp2008 Says:


  16. tnoutdoors9 Says:


    I have a box of these and will probably test at some point…just out of curiosity and maybe or maybe not confirm some folks opinions of it.

  17. tnoutdoors9 Says:


    This….the 124+P Gold Dot, and 147 HST….std pressure.

  18. eamonher Says:

    what is your personal self defense round?

  19. O4jampO4 Says:

    how do you feel about the federal hydrashoks 147gr. vs hst 147gr.,i carry hydrashok and i love it but a guy at a gun shop claimd its outdated and needs to siece production but i love it alot and feel hes a tool.

  20. tnoutdoors9 Says:


    When I carried a G26, I had a tendency to shy away from the 147 due to it’s velocity. However, this HST is one of the hottest 147’s I’ve seen, other than DoubleTap, and I would not have any issues carrying. Slightly less expansion in this load isn’t a bad thing.

  21. tnoutdoors9 Says:


    Yes, years ago, some CorBon 125 gr JHP……jammed on the feed ramp.

  22. assmunch01 Says:

    tnoutdoors9, in your opinion, how do you feel these 147 grain HST will do out of the shorter barrel of a Glock 26?

  23. laxstar21 Says:

    just wondering if you’ve ever had any issues with ANY ammo loading in your G19… thanks

  24. GMBurnz Says:

    Thanks good to know

  25. jastram6pac Says:

    thank you for sharing this

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