700 OccupyWall Street protesters Arrested on Brooklyn Bridge NY

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Police mass arrested 700 people on Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday for blocking traffic lanes and squatting illegally. The arrests came after when a large group of protesters from Occupy wall Street marched on the Brooklyn Bridge chanting slogans and used the motorway late afternoon.

The scene was complete mayhem as the emboldened protesters showed no fear of another face off with the Police. They locked arms and sat there and were picked up by arresting officers and tied with plastic zips and taken to the stations in buses. This created a total shutdown of the famous Brooklyn Bridge in both directions for several hours on a busy Saturday afternoon.

Mass Arrests on Brooklyn Bridge

Some protesters said that they were lured into a Trap by the Police, and they were not given any warnings not to walk on the roadway. A claim that the NYPD denies “Multiple warnings by police were given to protesters to stay on the pedestrian walkway and that if they took roadway they would be arrested,” said Paul Browne, the chief spokesman for NY Police department.

The videos show a chaotic, messy scene of mass arrests that went on for hours at a time and tempers flared on both sides. The protesters shouted their names to the crowd above as they were led off after being handcuffed.

The strategy to block the Brooklyn Bridge may have finally paid off for the Occuywallstreet movement, as it broke the news barrier on the mainstream media and was carried world wide as coverage of unrest in America in a dire economy that has left its youth and citizens impoverished. The media who has largely ignored the movement for the last two weeks and has given derisive versions of the protest had to report it under its own line of defense. A no coverage would have been costly to the media’s credibility as news have already broken wide open on Twitter and Face book and You tube videos surfaced promptly.

Elsewhere, US solidarity marches took place for Occupy Wallstreet in several cities, New Mexico, Los Angeles and Boston. Most of these protest were peaceful and attained by a wide spectrum of people supporting their cause.

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