7 Simple Steps To Complete A Short Sale With No Money Or Credit And Why 2011 Will Be The Best Year

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2011 will be the best year yet to be a real estate investor who specializes in short sales. A short sale happens when the homeowner falls behind in their payments and sells their home for less than they owe. Their mortgage might have increased due to an adjustable rate mortgage, or they lost their job, or tenants stopped paying them, there are MANY reasons why. The banks DO NOT want to foreclose on the house because the bank is in the business of lending money NOT managing and selling property. This is where the short sale comes in, meaning the bank “shorts” the mortgage and sells to you for less than the seller owes. Why would they do that? Because in the long run it saves them money. They won’t have to pay taxes, insurance, or realtor fees. So, where do you come in? How do you make money in all of this? Well, there are A LOT of moving parts in real estate, and especially short sales. Hot Damn Short Sales explains the process and gives you all the documents, templates, letters, contracts, and scripts you need to succeed. There is no way you can just start out from scratch on your own without having the proper tools and the “upper hand” over the banks and your competitors. There is a free version of hot damn short sales available, but I recommend very highly just getting the full unlocked version because it has everything you need right there. The free version is good information, but not a whole lot you can use. So, anyway..Let’s get to the list shall we? Here are the 7 simple steps to successful short sales:

  1. Find the deal(s) through your marketing. That included direct mail, internet, street marketing, and other methods you will learn about in hot damn short sales.
  2. Enter into a contract with your seller/owners
  3. Negotiate with the banks for the price you want to buy
  4. Market the property to find an end buyer
  5. Influence the BPO< or the brokers price opinion
  6. Close the deal with the bank, seller avoids foreclosure and hugs you
  7. Close with your buyer and COLLECT YOUR CHECK!

Now, this seems pretty simple on paper, however, in REAL LIFE it is not quite this simple. Luckily you can get a copy of Hot Damn Short Sales 2011 and you have the advantage over the banks AND your competition. You will have your OWN business and be your own boss, calling the shots, and making all the profits. I know this from experience, I have done it myself, and I am living proof.

If you are ready and want to get your copy, go here now because the last time I checked they were about to sell out (seriously no joke they were). The reason there is limited copies is because they want to keep the spirit of competition alive. So, not everyone will get a copy of this, and your market might be already sold out. So, here is how to get it

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