58% Californians agree with Occupy wall street

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As polled by AP majority of Californians agree with Occupy Wall street movement and the reasons behind their protests. A whopping 58 percent people agreed with the causes of Occupy wall street.

Californians are divided along party lines and two thirds of democrats identify with Occupy Wall Street while just a quarter percent Republicans identified with the movement.

The Occupy Los Angeles is still hanging there. Obviously these polls are readily available to the Mayor who has stalled further Police action against the occupiers of city Hall.

Meanwhile those mayors who went against the Occupiers in other cities like Oakland will probably face the wrath of voters early next year. The damage between people and city of Oakland is enormous and it will be unlikely that the mayor will occupy her office next term. The election is less than a year away and will sway voters on this issues and economy.Its just around the corner not too far.

With these poll numbers in California, local politicians need to think for the future if they want to occupy the office or not.

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