5 Simple Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate

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Eye Catching web design and development is more than just coding. You need to focus on what visitors experience on your site. Your first goal is to make sure visitor stays on your site for some time and comes back again and again. Most websites are there to make money, with few exceptions here and there. Its absolutely true that you need quality content and actually plenty of it so that you get organic search engine traffic. But even then, you want them to stay on your site for long and refer people through social networks.

Here are the tips that you should use in order to make your visitors experience memorable.

1) Make sure your navigation from home page to other pages is simple enough. Also its possible that your visitor will not always land on your home page so make sure you organize each page like home page.

2) More than 80% visitors use 1024×768 screen resolution, so its best to optimize your page to that size. A three column page makes a good composition, but in order to be sure your sales propositions are clear to the other 20% of visitors using the smaller screen resolution, it’s best that your sales propositions be placed in the left hand column. For example, if you have an e-newsletter, place this offer in the left hand column.

3) Your visitor will not land on home page everytime, so a good web design and development plan means that you must place your offer for your e-zine in the same position on every page. You’ll increase your readership exponentially, since every visitor will spot your offer.

4) Next is scrolling factor. The important message or value proposition should be visible in the top portion of the page. If visitor has to scroll to find what site is about, you lost him. Ideally show all important messages on left hand or middle column.

5) Last but not least, Let’s say you’ve got a home improvement website. One page contains an article on how to install dimmer switch. Your web design and development plan needs to address the question of which of your other pages might be most relevant to that reader, and place links to those other pages in an easily found location. Even search engines likes good internal linking.

Incorporate these tips into your initial web design and development plan and watch your traffic grow.

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