4 Keys Of Doing Business Like a Fighter Pilot

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As an effective business owner, I began to be commonly asked about my certain success in my many endeavors. It struck me that lots of people were not only fascinated about my business, but my time spent as a highly trained USAF single seat fighter jock. I knew that i was an average guy, but I also saw that lots of people like myself were stymied in their professions. As I was constantly coaching people in life and business, it was obvious to me that a significant ingredient to success in all endeavors was merely a belief in one’s abilities. I had actually been an instructor for the USAF and was commonly given students to train that were soon to be “washed out” and I assisted them see themselves as being successful. As soon as that took place, they began to actually shine in their abilities as a pilot which commonly pushed them to the head of their class. These abilities were very easily transferred in other pursuits. This book details in very easy terms ways to capture your success and apply it now, to any venture.

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to think and imitate a fighter jock? This very easy and simple to read book utilizes the experiences of a USAF fighter jock and applies them to entrepreneurial business.
The author was trained by the USAF as a single seat Fighter Pilot and followed up this profession with business ownership of 9 dining establishments. He continues to both be involved in aviation in addition to business development.
He was in the preliminary cadre of A10 pilots when the USAF took delivery and has actually been in the leading edge of many endeavors continually, including being the director and president of an International Christian Charity, running 24 bookshops in addition to the owner of the “Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen” Amazon products. He has authored 2 other books, “Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen, A Cook Book Every Man, and “Changes the Book”, A Remembrance of Sorts.
“G Suit and Helmet Not Required” is also offered on Amazon in Spanish in addition to the Kindle.

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