240k+ MAGIC XP PER HOUR – CHEAP/FAST – Hunter Kit + String Jewellery

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I know this isn’t an Xtranormal video, but you don’t have to watch it, good fight. tl;dr u klik hunt kit den string I do not own, nor claim to own the game Runescape, or the music used. Runescape is owned by Jagex LTD. The song is used without permission, although the artist states that the music may be used under non-profit circumstances (I am not a YouTube partner). pls dont sue me kkthxbye Song is Forsaken Neon by Dimrain47. You can find the original song here: www.newgrounds.com Requirements: 80 Magic, Completion of Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor, Mud battlestaff/Mystic mud staff with 30 Attack to wield it. Alternatively, you may use an Earth staff and a Tome of Frost, removing the 30 Attack requirement, but adding a 48 Dungeoneering requirement, not to mention the 43000 token cost. Also, roughly 0.26 unstrung items per astral rune you are willing to use (Items:Runes = ~1:4) This method involves combining the two spells in the Lunar spellbook; ‘Hunter Kit’ and ‘String Jewellery’, requiring 71 and 80 Magic respectively. Therefore, this method requires 80+ Magic and the completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest to unlock the Lunar spellbook. Hunter kit has the additional requirement of completing the Dream Mentor quest to cast. This method is best done at the Soul Wars bank chest, because you do not get random events there (as far as I know) and it is a one click bank. The method involves (as shown in the video); withdrawing 14 unstrung items and having one inventory

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  1. Mrleqendturk Says:

    lmfaooooooooooooo you just jumped on your fone trying to make that beat

  2. boggy257 Says:

    @NAMEWIERD depends i lost 8m cause i sold ammys when they were low and i didnt open hunter kit boxxes

  3. NAMEWIERD Says:

    @boggy257 How much did this cost you?

  4. boggy257 Says:

    4m xp in 2 days over bonus xp thanks to this 🙂 80-91 magic

  5. RsGLltcher Says:

    Need dungeoneering xp fast and easy? i’m leaking this guide to all you youtubers! 1m+ xp per hour, have fun 🙂


  6. RageFever69 Says:

    @GuthixSmite Thank you.

  7. Magicanist Says:

    still works?

  8. GuthixSmite Says:

    @josh1111668 It’s by Dimrain47, although I’ve forgotten the name of the actual track. All his music is this incredible melodic stuff.

  9. josh1111668 Says:

    I love this music. 😀 name?

  10. xxnubpkerxx Says:

    damn looks like you uploaded this 🙁 i found out this early in the summer when i was gettin 94 mage. though i didnt use it due to the large amounts of cash lost. i was gonna put it on youtube but didnt wanna leak it lol. It was pretty awesome xp i averaged 180-200k magic xp per hour

  11. PrimerasPalabrasWant Says:

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  12. pureskillzs777 Says:

    @MrStealfos “fail titel” well done….. title….

  13. RsOneSoulx Says:

    do you make a profit though? or do you loose some? please tell. thank you

  14. MrStealfos Says:

    Fail Titel. This is 500 k xp for 1 k spells

  15. jonyfeelgood Says:

    @Tofraz I dont understand..

  16. TheGidding Says:

    search for dimrain47
    that’s the producer of this music

  17. Tzar469 Says:

    Thank you for this great guide!

  18. 14chester14 Says:

    How much does this cost now? 80-90 Magic

  19. Alexiho2008 Says:

    Omg @ the description

  20. boobman12345678910 Says:

    That’s f’in brilliant O_o

  21. 0mfgpkstr Says:

    Stringing gold ammys is cheaper and i think you make profit.

  22. RobertWilfredFoxton Says:

    I’ve watched this like 43 times just because i like the music…

  23. lazymandude Says:

    @CrystalFarm hey what are you wearing in this video i like the suit.

  24. lazymandude Says:

    @CrystalFarm hey what are you wearing it looks pro?

  25. lazymandude Says:

    @CrystalFarm hey what are you wearing it looks pro?

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