2010 NBA Funny Moments

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25 Comments For This Post

  1. RockLovely50 Says:

    and this is why i dont eat Chinese food now… Ginobli slaps down a bat and all them ppl in that arena, he gives it to an asian man who looked quite happy 2 receive that gift… sweet and sour chicken my butt!!! lol

  2. FB27Productions Says:

    @8kings23 watch again closely

  3. FB27Productions Says:

    @1mvpkobe hahaha you missed it…there was a guy itching his nuts

  4. 1mvpkobe Says:

    How is Kobe game winner funny THAT WHAT KOBE DOES

  5. kulazz Says:

    @FB27Productions oops blame it on the booze haha honest mistake

  6. noleave05300 Says:

    @kulazz actually it was ron artest who threw away ariza’s shoes ,dude

  7. 8kings23 Says:

    What was so funny with kobes game winner, hahaha then I saw that guy next to Jack

  8. Psyched Says:

    @chriszheng10 are you kidding me! you never noticed that guy next to jack nicholson scratching his dick? lol… i remember watching this and live and i was like fuck! he ruined the whole moment. now nba will have to be clever and cut out the video when they make a, “where amazing happens” video for this play.

  9. Phr3shTube Says:

    3:14 Nice Catcher (:

  10. SAtownZ28 Says:

    @billyhoyle11 dont know but it was on halloween tho.

  11. omar7987 Says:

    @fabii921 no it wasnt a birs it was a bat

  12. FB27Productions Says:

    @kulazz laker haters must be stupid if they think ariza still plays for the lake squad hahaha

  13. kulazz Says:

    what ariza did was not unsportsmanship, he made sure that no one will trip on that shoe.. (im a laker hater btw)

  14. kulazz Says:

    better not mess with manu!

  15. fabii921 Says:

    ginobili was the best 😀
    it´s not that easy to catch a bird like this

  16. cipherP9 Says:

    Shouldnt the tip-in count as a 3 pointer sense scalabrine was the last celtic to shoot the ball during the fumble. But seriously he should have let finley get that rebound.

    P.S. Rasheed did the same thing this season, why is it not in this collection.

  17. ladywhoo4 Says:

    love this omg the first one was hilarious

  18. SnoopiBabi Says:

    i would’ve smacked artest right upside his head for that ish

  19. Prodigy947 Says:

    @yourguardiandevil70 killed a bird

  20. chenpod123 Says:

    whats with the bat?

  21. HowToProductionsInc Says:

    lmao they guy tieing his shoe is funny as fk

  22. MSOMGadvice Says:

    At :30 I would have been stole the ball from that nigga lol

  23. fedrunner46 Says:

    Jarrett Jack rulez!

  24. ollieaustin Says:

    @mraceking133 in the back it showed the dude scratching his nuts hardcore

  25. sILenCeDaNDg00Dbye Says:

    did he hit a baT?

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