1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ Rock Crawl

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mbuna vs ground hog rock quarry south of millican in central oregon. this was my second real attempt at anything with my new TJ. Had a 4.5″ RE lift on 33″ BFG mud terrains, Detroit TrueTrac rear LSD, and the 5 speed 4.0L with Clifford headers to work with.

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  1. TheKansasRancher Says:


  2. XxMorgueofDeathXx Says:

    on your factory bumper do you have those quadratec bumper ends for like 45 dollars cause if so im thinking about buying them and i didnt know what they looked like on a tj?

  3. mbuna303 Says:

    @8195229 actually you’re right. They muted my audio for copyright infringement after about a year. So it’s some random song from their collection.

  4. 8195229 Says:

    its not korn or coal chamber
    whats the song

  5. mbuna303 Says:

    @robert0041 it’s about 25 miles East of Bend

  6. mbuna303 Says:

    @barnard11111111111 Yeh 33’s fill out that lift pretty well, and leave plenty of travel.

  7. barnard11111111111 Says:

    thats a beaut i just got the 2001 tj with the 2″ lift wouldnt mind goin up another 1 or 2 inches would ya say you got the right size tyres for ya lift?

  8. robert0041 Says:

    where is that at. I live in Molalla

  9. aimekha Says:

    A nice Jeep, good driving and sweet music wins all ! Ride on

  10. mbuna303 Says:

    well… they finally disabled my audio… so enjoy Konquistador’s “Kill Konstantine”.

  11. mbuna303 Says:

    coal chamber – big truck, then when I get stuck, korn’s lowrider

  12. motogmann Says:

    what group is playing in the backgound, they are tight

  13. Namlovesme13 Says:

    xD kool vid

  14. PoorUglyBastards4x4 Says:

    spotters are not sappost to have their hands in theire pockets!

  15. mbuna303 Says:

    Im on 33’s with a 3.5″ lift

  16. eastcoastsrfr Says:

    could you fit 33s with a 3 inch lift

  17. DrummerChuckB1 Says:

    it is nice to see guys do this with relativly basic rigs,

    it is more interesting then when the dude with like 40s and 8 inch of lift with lockers rear wheel streering and stuff, all that makes it to easy!

    props to yall

  18. hondaridingfool Says:

    thats what xdi intakes proved for the jeep wrangler… Search true flow jeep jk

  19. billyaslaughter Says:

    ive seen people gain 3-4 hp with an intake but 28 is bull… im not trying to argue but do you have any proof that it added 28?

  20. hondaridingfool Says:

    28 with intake
    10 with exhaust
    2 with throttle body

  21. billyaslaughter Says:

    lol @ 40+ thats a cute joke

  22. agrigg3 Says:

    i would have given up.
    me and my family just got a tj and have been amazed at how much we can blow through

  23. stuurdycook Says:

    as a jeep enthusiast i am very imprest. thta was a very difficult obstacle… well done.

  24. hondaridingfool Says:

    think what u wanna think. I did it to mine personally and i know its added 40+ hp to my jeep wrangler.

  25. wpiner88 Says:


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