1/2: Harvey Birdman – S&S Employee Orientation Video

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Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law Season 3 Episode 11 (32) “Sebben & Sebben Employee Orientation” (This is part 1 of a 2 part episode.) *** All rights reserved to legal copyright holders of this video. *** Created by Michael Ouweleen & Erik Richter (based on characters created by Hanna-Barbera.)

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  1. PhilKenSebben110 Says:

    lol! at the transitions between subjects, look in the bottom left, there’s funny comments. ex. 3:02

  2. PhilKenSebben110 Says:

    @tsunaxakari yep, bingo

  3. tsunaxakari Says:

    @quj0r Thats “Supreme chancellor Obvious”

  4. quj0r Says:

    @tsunaxakari good job, Captain Obvious.

  5. quj0r Says:

    @TrueMinion if he did, i’m noticing that he didn’t direct anything that required anything that required any talent.


    :roll eyes:

  6. BatmanDCKnight Says:

    I wanna try that breastmilk flavored LSD.

  7. BigKiwiLad Says:

    @tsunaxakari smoke another one bro

  8. tsunaxakari Says:

    Phil Ken Sebben..?
    Fal-con Seven..?!

  9. TrueMinion Says:

    Eric Wareheim totally directed from 4:21 to 4:34

    also, Stephen Colbert for the epic voice acting win.

  10. hellspawn3200 Says:

    fail upload is fail

  11. wingedlibra1 Says:

    ha ha hemp . the little print in the bottom left corner was hilarious

  12. jewpiles Says:

    fuck, no one seem to have number 2!

    (#2.. heh heh)

    Gee. I guess I’ll ahve to download it.

    i miss this show:(

  13. bararbrawl Says:

    download this at tubemusicdownload com – thank me later!

  14. shklm0 Says:

    They should bring that show back

  15. primalsincerity84 Says:

    Ha ha dangley parts.

  16. primalsincerity84 Says:

    Watch Look Around You in conjunction with breastmilk floavored LSD.

  17. obiwanobiwan13 Says:

    I kind of like “Bring Your Mistress To Work Day…”

  18. MrRomanoWood Says:

    Two way stairs! lol

  19. nabzy28 Says:

    I like the credits at :30 with thanks to Phyllis Ken Sebben, Grover Cleveland, Peter Potamus and what looks like “Ugly Ass Reporter”. .. Ha ha haaa!

  20. NeverevenStudios Says:

    0:22 – When I grow up, I want to tee off on a yacht in a pool on my mansion which happens to be built on a cruise liner.

  21. MrSpartica Says:

    that thing *that thing*

  22. SexyyAamberr Says:

    anyone wanna cam and swap pics

  23. godwow123 Says:

    HA HA HA! missionary.. thats fukin funny

  24. mattpetale Says:

    where is the second half? that bit is the best, with the sexual harassment do’s and don’ts.

  25. lebbo88 Says:

    Ever get a paper-cut from a $7,000 bill? Doesn’t tickle.

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